WWDC Leaked the iPhone 14!

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iPhone 14: the LAST iPhone –
WWDC Recap: what Apple didn’t tell you –

Although the iPhone 14 was not released early at WWDC 2022, Apple gave us a bit of a sneak peek and preview of what we can expect with the all-new iPhone 14 models launching…


  1. Apple milks it's customer base. It refuses to give you new features it more or less fils you with myths and rumours only to be a huge disappointment it's the main reason why I haven't gotten an iPhone since the iPhone 3g since nothing new has really came out. They have used the same camera sensor for 10 iPhone generations lol. They milk their users so much I was thinking of going apple for once since it's finally starting to come out with new features since it's known for being behind from Android world.

  2. still dont get why apple need so many front sensors. Android has had face unlock with just the front camera for several years yet apple need 2-3 sensors for it

  3. Sadly, android had lockscreen long way back, even on low range phones. Not something to be hyping or expecting much.
    My brother use iPhone 13 while I'm using S22. It has its own ground for users but there are many amazing stuffs with S22 which are elegant, ease user experience, functionality and features which iPhone in taking years to add.

  4. Who buys the 13 pro? Me. I want the fan for light gaming, and the touchbar. 13 pro is ready just the 13. It is the MacBook, neither air nor pro

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