Why Apple is ending the iPhone

iPhone 14 is stealing everything
iPhone: the END of Google
Just like the iPod, the end of the iPhone line might be coming sooner than expected. Several unreleased Apple products might replace the phone in your pocket with something better. Let’s talk about what a world without iPhone might be like and when you can expect it!

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  1. Apple glasses + Neuralink????? That would be insane imagine without moving or talking you could control a smart device. It would be almost super human.

  2. All this stuff already exists… and when these things release you know apple's gonna say its "cutting edge" and brand new technology but its not
    Apple really hasn't done anything innovative in a long time I mean yes their products are stylish and may look "cutting edge" they aren't compared to other products. I am assuming the apple VR headset is a portable one you said "mixed reality" I mean I guess in theory it could be (you could have cameras on the front and send the output to the lenses) but that's not what it looks like to me and honestly I don't really see people going around with vr headsets on and the version of this that exists is the quest 2 no cable and I guess if you really wanted to you could mod it and add cameras to the front and use that for mixed reality but we don't see many people walking around with quest 2s on oh and the quest 2 is 300$ for an all in one headset we all know apple is gonna charge way more and it probably won't work as well next up we have augmented reality glasses these exist also I am sure there is more than one that exists but I saw some on youtube that essentially had a small screen that reflected onto a mirror that reflected onto your retina (pretty much just moving the light from the screen to your eye 100% safe) the ones I am talking about are called focals bynorth now I can't remember the exact price these went for but it wasn't thousands of dollars 600? maybe I don't know and you could also get your prescription put into them next up we have foldable phones you mentioned they exist in the video so yeah… also Charging your phone in a large open space without wires I remember hearing about some prototypes for something like that that weren't from apple I looked into it more Motorola has a working model I don't think you can buy this yet but it exists and also normal wireless charging pads are old news also who needs an iphone with an 8k camera? I mean I don't think the average consumer needs that and the footage would take up loads of space but whatever All Im saying is Apple is behind everyone else in my opinion I mean for the last few years they have only been adding cameras which is nice if you like photography but I don't think the average person needs to spend 100s of dollars extra for a camera 1080p is perfectly fine and at some point you can't even see a difference in the higher resolutions. Also I had a macbook pro (actually 3 in the span of a few years) it was a sucky computer if you care about performance for anything really don't go for apple, with apple all you are buying is the logo

  3. I’m not even going to watch the video. I just came here to dislike because I know there is absolutely nothing you can say that will convince me that a trillion dollar company is going to end their most profitable product ever

  4. you literally sound like a sheep. Apple brings features over from other company that are proven to work. They just "Appletize" it. Apple is a company that sticks to what they know will get them money. When you actually stop watching a Apple tree grow, you'll see that other companies have been made these innovations years ago. Apple will sell forever phones that's what there biggest profits. You are purely making a video basically on rumors, concepts, and honestly some distant future technology. The amount of time it would take to even have "HUD glasses" that work that well would be incredibly long. You legit wear glasses and need prescription to see. Apple would have to account for all the people that have glasses to see and the people that don't need glasses. What are they gonna do? Team up with some eyeglass company to make specific lens for ever person that needs that. Prescription lens + high tech APPLE glasses isn't going to be in most peoples' budgets. It's ok to fan about concepts that could happen in the future, but don't preach on youtube about unconfirmed concepts that aren't even true and wouldn't be a reality for even the next 5 years.

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