What's On My iPhone 13 Pro Max – 22 Apps You Need To Try!

In this video, we’re taking a look at what’s on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and going over 22 apps you need to try right now! I’ll be covering everything in this video from my favorite iPhone wallpaper apps, best tools and utilities, photo editing apps, camera apps, video apps, and video editing apps. I’ll even be going over content creation tools and best apps for Tesla and EV owners. Oh and I’ll be covering the games I’m currently playing on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. In short, this is my whats on my…


  1. Ik this isn't relevant at all why does my case not charge for my galaxy buds when I searched it said it can be from temp being to high but doesn't explain how to cool it down so do you know how?

  2. Wait, so an iphone doesn't have a native continuous screenshot feature? Why is apple making it harder for me to switch to their ecosystem??

  3. As an ex-android man, this is a really informative video to save, thank you. (For how much longer I'm gonna be an 'ex-android man' though is debatable – I mean c'mon, scrolling screenies still not natively available in iOS….or Macs?) Really?? 🤷‍♂️

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