What's on my iPhone 13 Pro – FAV App Ideas for Your New Phone!

Here’s my current iPhone 13 home screen setup and fav apps that I’m using as we end off the year.

Grab Extra to start building credit with debit:

iOS Custom Icon Pack:
BackDrops Wallpapers:
Fantasy FPL:
Wealthsimple: (Sign up for 2 FREE Stocks)
Hex Crypto:…


  1. Sorry this took so long to upload from the time we created the vid, but the apps remain pretty much the same! (Only thing that has changed is I moved up to first in F1 fantasy :P)

    Grab the Extra Debit Card to start building your credit safely with no interest, credit checks or hidden fees: https://extra.app/karlconrad

  2. There is fu ck-all good about any iPhone, they are light years behind in
    folding technology. And the only major phone company accused of using
    child and slave labour in parts manufacturing. Uighur Muslims come to
    mind. Samsung had wireless charging since 2012, and phone to phone
    charging for some years now.

  3. Our firm recently switched us from the IOS mail app to the outlook app. I don’t hate it but I find it a “busy” UI. Although I can now sort of see why you like it.

  4. Maybe I'm in the minority but I wish there was some kind of smaller Apple Pencil that could be supported on the pro max. I think then I'd get rid of my iPad and iPhone Mini. It is insane how much work you get done on that max though 👀

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