Unc0ver JAILBREAK v7.0.2 RELEASED | Jailbreak A12+ UNTETHERED (NOW Fully Safe) iOS 14.5.1 – 14.4

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In this video, we’re discussing the Unc0ver v7.0.2 update which brings a fix to the iMessage bug in the initial versions of Unc0ver v7 with the Fugu14 Untether, and it’s finally possible to install the Fugu Untether now without using a Mac / Xcode. Fugu14 can now be installed straight from AltStore on your phone, and AltStore is available on Windows.

With these changes…


  1. When I sign in with my Apple ID on the AltStore app, it signs in with my old apple ID and then wont let me download the jailbreak. Does anyone have a solution to this?

  2. Hi, I jailbreaked my iphone xr on 14.4 but I am having issues with apps downloaded from Cydia. When I try to open an App it closes without letting me doing anything. Do you have a clue about what could be the problem? Thanks.

  3. After being jailbroke for a day: no issues

    But when I turn my phone off and back on, the untether don’t do anything. I have to rejailbreak every boot by going to the unc0ver app.

  4. So, if i backup my phone to my computer or whatever and then jailbreak using this method, if anything goes wrong, will i be able to restore my phone to the backup?

  5. I'm on IOS 13.6 with jailbreak uncover on iPhone XS. Has anyone updated to IOS 14.4-14.5.1 with futurerestore using SEP and BASEBAND from IOS signed today with no problems in FaceID among others? Help me. I NEED TO UPDATE.

  6. After a very long time, I jailbroke my iPad Pro on IOS 14.4.1 This the first time I've done this since Ios 13 anyway it took my about half an hour to realize my favourite tweak snapback "the only way i can could get certain apps to work" no longer works and that the benefits of being jailbroken no longer outweigh the loss of certain functionality and apps, so I uninstalled it and upgraded to the latest IOS

  7. You still need a computer to install AltStore.

    My funny story on the other hand: My girlfriend used to mock me for having an A12 device without jailbreak (she has an iPhone 7+). Now I have an untethered jailbreak which she’s dying for!

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