Unboxing a NEW iPhone 5C in 2022!

Q&A / Tech Talk Livestream this Friday, May 27, 2PM PDT! Hope to see you there!
Today we open up for the first time a brand new sealed iPhone 5C! And also an allegedly new iPhone SE, although that one seems like a scam…
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0:00 – Intro & Context
3:15 – SE…


  1. It's official, I'll be live on YouTube this Friday at 2PM Vancouver time! Hope to see you there- first stream in 2 years!
    But today, we open up a brand new iPhone 5C, and an allegedly new iPhone SE. This was fun, hope you enjoy 🙂
    Join the discord! — https://discord.io/91tech

  2. The 5c is still my favorite design of any iPhone , I loved the colorful backs . A lot of people said “plastic is cheap” but the phone felt good to me and I’d totally be in favor of apple doing another phone with this same 5c material to get out a cheaper phone. I just absolutely loved the design and colors

  3. I hope you sent that 5S back. Sellers shouldn't be encouraged to scam people, so inconveniencing them with a return and informing eBay is 100% the right thing to do since you are a lot more savvy than some buyers might be. There's no way that's an Apple refurb, it'll all just be built in China from salvaged parts. Even if it were an Apple refurb they're still scamming you and other buyers by charging a premium for something masquerading as a new phone.

  4. Guys I don't understand why is it so difficult for you to unbox iPhone 5c and iPod Touch. When the device is inside the hard plastic shell with the film on the screen, you just have to press the LOWER side of the plastic shell and then slide the device away, like it' a case. Then when the device is out, you peel off the film. It's so simple and yet you guys keep pressing with force the upper side of the plastic shell. Pleaseee

  5. I bought a new 128gb SE from a very similar seller
    The box was clearly not the original as you mentioned but the phone is legit and I’m still using it to this day 🙂

  6. iPhone 5C was loved, When it was announced in 2012. At the time, the colourful iPhone is a stunning design with handy experience. The only smeared spot is the chip same as iPhone 5. A7 Chip is a huge leap in Apple's chip industry.

  7. 5c amazed me with what apple's soc is capable of when i was still android fanboi, testing out the 5c at a mall playing real racing 3 i think, it's smooth gameplay amazed me

  8. Im a big fan of the artist HOME so when i heard the music at 8:16 i was happy (falling into place is one of my most favorite tracks from HOME)

  9. I just turned on my 5c after years to see how it works today. Actually still pretty snappy on iOS 10. Only thing is app support is gone for Youtube, Messenger, Facebook, and the old apps don't work anymore. Oddly enough Youtube Music still works just fine, but the main Youtube app doesn't at all. Still works as an iPod, and I've got some old games on there that aren't on the app store anymore.

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