Unbelievably Useful iPhone Apps – You NEVER Knew Existed !

8 must have iPhone apps you never knew about. 8 free iPhone apps that are very useful and every iPhone user must download.

These apps are very useful even though they are not that popular and most people might not know about them. Download these amazing app by checking the links in the pinned comment.


?iPhone TRICKS You Didn’t Know EXISTED:

?Get FREE WiFi Anywhere on iPhone:

?iOS 15 Official Review:…


  1. Useful video, thanks.
    Just a friendly note: starting every video by whining about lack of subs and begging for subs and likes is a sure fire way to make me want to do neither. Save the "interaction reminder" for the end. Please!

  2. I upgraded from Android to iOS! Now I deeply regret! Almost for everything it’s asking me to buy! There are not as many free apps as Android!

    The things I like about iPhone is Camera, Battery, Performance, Screen!

    But not many free apps????.

    Some games crash badly such as Zombie Highway, Asphalt 8 or Asphalt 9. Which is unexpected.

    I used iPhone 4s and it was good that time then I switched to Android and Android was really good in apps availability! But iPhone disappoints me in free available apps.

  3. I thought to get the screenshot app but the app page seemed a little sparce for reviews and asked for data. I ended up finding out you can take long screenshot using the inbuilt OS without any app. Just take a regular screenshot, tap the preview before it disappears and in the top right there is an option to select full page. You can also easily crop it if you don't want the entire page also.

  4. Hey !! I watch your videos and they are so useful.. specially these ones where u show the apps that we have always needed but couldnt find..
    its a request if you could make a video on apps needed for educational purpose , since i am an educator, i would love some apps which help me become better..
    Keep posting more!!!!
    You are the best!!!!! ??

  5. Well ur videos is awesome and its helps me so much i want hack versions games so i can play in ios i try so many games to download but all it was fake so can u help me to download games it will be very helpful for me

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