TOP 10 iPhone Automations You MUST HAVE – iOS 15 !

iOS 15 automations, best iPhone automations that are very useful.
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10 automations that you can easily create on your iPhone…


  1. “Amazing features”. Just press the “buddon” and “you’re good to go”. Every video the same thing… ? you should watch this video and see how many times you say “go ahead” and “and of course”.

  2. The automation that you’ve showed at 10:10 does not get triggered automatically as soon as it connects to the WiFi. It always shows a shortcut notification which runs only upon getting permission. I tried looking for the “ Ask before running “ option but it does not seem to be available for that automation alone. Anyone know any fix for this?

  3. I tried to set this automation on my iPhone 12 pro max, when my phone connects to my car bluetooth to turn off wifi but never works as it should, when the automation triggers nothing happens

  4. Hai,
    I am from India. I regularly follow your videos. It’s awesome.

    Could you please help me to get this automation.?

    When ever I enter into my office location, my ringtone should be automatically set to 50%.
    And after I out of that location, it should automatically shift to 100%.
    Help me to do this. Thanks in advance.

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