These Four Functions of the iPhone 11 Make It Worth $999

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As people around the world look to it, Apple has launched the strongest flagship iPhone series – iPhone 11. Moments later, this iPhone 8 has become a high-performance phone, like a deserted kid. In the past. In the day before the iPhone 11’s open sale, millions of people around the world stared into the collapse of Apple’s official website in astonishment in those few hours. He waited until we finally entered the page, screamed enthusiastically and screamed then discovered that the delivery time was 5-6 weeks. In other words, even if the order is now scheduled, the delivery time is already in December.


However, the price of this smartphone reaches $ 999. Why do so many people fight to get such an expensive cell phone? Explore the revolutionary iPhone 11’s revolutionary performance.

1. The lost home key

On iPhone 11, Apple canceled the Home button the first time in the past decade. This also means, in appearance, that the iPhone 11 has a shocking full screen without bezels in the future, and the Touch ID has been canceled. Equipped with an OLED display, it supports Dolby horizon and HDR 10, 2436 x 1125 high resolution, ultra high contrast: 1 million: 1, the best visual experience ever.

2. Face ID

iPhone 11 has a structured light emitter, receiver, distance sensor, etc., so that it can locate human eyeballs. It is impossible to open the image. With advanced 3D sensing capabilities, in addition, use Apple Pay with Face ID, you can also create Real-Time Animoji with your own expression with Face ID.

3. Professional camera

iPhone 11’s dual rear camera with a vertical design is useful for creating AR effects (the other iPhone 11 augmented AR performance like AR games is surprising as well). Dual lenses are 12 million pixel OIS optical image stabilization camera. You can also use portrait mode, then open different lighting effects and filters that show professional-level results.

4. Wireless charging

Finally, the wireless charger came. Apple has created a shared charging base for iPhone 11, Applewatch, and AirPod – Airpower.

I can actually imagine that those who get the iPhone 11 hardly put it on for a moment, however, it’s still a good idea to turn off your cell phone at bedtime to prevent harmful radiation affecting your health. Often times, once you put your mobile phone on the side, you can’t help but it was so easy to stay up all night to check your phone, or if you forgot to turn on sleep mode, message ringing would be able to wake you up in the middle of the night. So, the best choice when you sleep is to turn off the phone, and allow your phone to rest as well. In this case, a good enough hour is more beneficial to the quality of our sleep.

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