You won’t believe the good AND BAD that iPhone Subscriptions may bring…

I’ll update you on what’s been going on the past week and why I’ve been away at the end of the video, but you may have heard that Apple is planning to offer hardware subscription services in future, and all the talk is about iPhones. So we’ll start there.

In Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter yesterday he talked through why Apple could do this – on average iPhones are kept by their initial owner for 3 years before…


  1. You may have implied it @2:27, but I'd like to say it outright: Apple can switch to this leasing model as the ONLY way to get an iPhone in any country which starts infringing on Apple's privacy and security model (eg, requiring third party app stores.) It may not be possible for the EU to block the leasing of iPhones with unadulterated iOS, so this could be how Apple avoids making the changes that they want, and people who like the walled garden approach and Apple's security model can still get it. So it's not a case of "Apple pushing people towards leasing hardware" as you say, but rather it's "the EU pushing Apple to leasing hardware." The EU is doing the pushing, not Apple.

  2. I was just wondering where you were… but… family comes first. We all know you will need to focus on being a father and husband more at times and we will be here when you return. #Priorities

  3. My Airpods Max are very temperamental they will not connect after being put in their case for charging. I have to reboot them multiple times for them to be recognised.

  4. I like to know how does apple comes up with these ridiculous prices. Now for the subscription the product is never yours I am hearing.

  5. You don’t have to apologize to us for you being a good dad every single one of your true subscribers who follow you are so proud of you and adore your whole family you are such a good dad/husband

  6. Will this rent model be the golden standard for buying an iPhone in the future & are the excuses for acquiring an iPhone seem to be getting louder? Because the central point for a vast majority of people was this X iPhone is out of my budget, but not anymore with recent news #icaveanswers

  7. How can Apple make Pro Motion happen on their higher-end monitors because thunderbolt can't keep a display refreshing at that speed & the only thing I can think of is if they have HDMI 2.1; what are your thoughts? #icaveanswers

  8. #icaveanswers will the iPhone 15 finally only have a punch hole camera with the Face ID being under the display? And it looks like Jon’s renders of the iPhone 14 were actually the iPhone 15 considering apple sticks to a 3 year phone design what do you think?

  9. Thank you for the show, and there is no need to apologise here. Family always comes first and I understand very well that your son's treatment is taking up your time. All the best from me.
    #iCaveanswers : Having finally received the new MacStudio, and with no new Mac in the cards for the next few years, my attention is turning back to macOs. Since WWDC is getting closer and closer, but I haven't heard anything about the upcoming macOs version, I'm wondering, have you? Are there any known changes or news?

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