The new iPhone is great, but… – iPhone 14 & 14 Pro

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Today Jake is checking out the new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro from Apple, but are they better or worse than the previous generation?

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  1. No, SIM cards are not archaic. In Canada we had non-SIM card phones before and they all lost the battle to SIM cards because they allowed absolute complete control over a carrier. For no apparent reason a re-brand to e-sim has become all the rage for absolutely 0 reason which will ultimately just lock down who you can use the phone with. That simply isn't the case with SIM cards unless the device is black listed from being lost and stolen which is up to the end user to report and not the carrier itself to dictate.

  2. Never watched this channel before. Never saw anyone laugh at everything they say so much within first 45 seconds. Well, it continued so I had to bail at the 3:01 mark.

  3. You are spot on mate, “MALARKY” is an excellent description for apple marketing 😂, and I fully agree that this clever little tweak apple calls “ dynamic island” ( i call it Gilligans island) really is disguising a turd as a silk purse.
    And yes as soon as things change in the hardware in handsets of the apple future , apple will no doubt drop the notch/island like a hot potato.
    Putting all apples malarkey marketing aside it still looks like the 14 series are good handsets.
    Good video sir.

  4. My phone has the option for physical Sim or e-sim. I will choose physical evertime. No long process. Pop it in and your good to go. I can switch phones super quick since I have a couple. Also travel to other countries is very important. At least until they all have e Sim. It is less covered than physical so physical is easier to find.

  5. I will never understand this deep hatred of the notch.

    Like in an ideal world, would I want an all screen phone? Sure. I’d love a perfect device. I’d also love no phone and having contact lenses that do all the same things. I’m not holding this agains the new iPhone though.

    Review the device based on the merits of what it is, not what you want it to be.

    Tell me about the apps and automation settings, show me how the camera looks, both from a non-photographer using it and a photographer using it.

    Show me a person who used the phone for a week and tell me how often they charged it. Could they pass out after a party and expect to be able to get an Uber in the morning? Or is the phone using enough idle power to die without charging overnight?

    I went to school. I can read the spec sheet. I didn’t need this video to do that for me…the snarky comments didn’t add enough to the experience to make it anything less than a pointless DBrand ad

  6. The lighting is so much better than C! if I get crap in my iPhone charger port I just give it a little cleanout, nothing in the way, you know how hard it is to clean out the Samsung phone charging port??

  7. While surgical steel is a type of stainless steel, all stainless steels are not surgical steels. Surgical steels are those with the greatest amount of corrosion resistance and are designated for biomedical applications.

  8. Im a huge Android fan and havent had an Iphone since Iphone 6s. Buttttttt…. I think I'm going to try the 14 pro Max for a couple years. Just want to try something "new"*

    *New as in the OS lol. Nothing Apple does is "New"

  9. My first always on mobile phone was actually a Nokia Windows Phone, they also had double tap to wake and all other features that Apple stole over the last years 😄

  10. I just got a 14pro yesterday, upgraded from the SE2 overall it’s a solid upgrade. Dynamic island will be as successful as its 3rd party app support. If only a few devs support the feature I don’t see it making it beyond the 14 Pro.

  11. I know the design on this shirt is supposed to be a case but with it's metallic look I can't see anything else than the Renault logo (french automobile brand)

  12. People are still debating whether to replace their 1 year old phones with the latest one? I though we were past that BS, now it's "should I replace my 2 year old phone with the new one" and even then it's often not worth it.

  13. I`m not buying a new iPhone unless it uses a USB-C port. And I won`t buy a new one either if it doesn`t have a least one physical sim card slot. Cause I use a physical company sim in my phone (don`t like having two phones with me all the time) and my personal cellphone "sim" is an e-sim. Let`s wait and see if a new iPhone SE (fourth gen.) or a new iPhone 15 will be able to meet these criteria. Otherwise I`m changing to Android once my iPhone 11 dies and after using Apple smartphones since the iPhone 3G.

  14. 5:02 "Sim cards are really stupid and very archaic, they should have died a long time ago. So kind of props to Apple for pushing the industry to make this change" F*** YOU JAKE. "All phones should be like this" what a selfish thought; newer phones already supported ESIM, but they also had the slot. Swapping a card is much easier than dealing with online or phone support to switch IMEIs, especially when traveling to other countries. All this does is eliminate some manufacturing cost at the expense of the consumer's experience.

  15. No no no this is stupid we need normal sims to stay it makes life much easier for switching and is something that people have been using for years the E wast this will make is stupid just let us have the sim tray and our micro sd storege I need the dole sim and so do loads of people it leaves so much room for error

  16. Esim sucks. You cant just swap your sim to a new phone if you have issues with your current phone. I keep a backup phone and can swap my sim back and forth anytime i want. Besides the one phone i had with Esim sucked to get activated. took hours..
    careful what you wish for

  17. The steaming services in USA are relentlessly playing iPhone ads from various providers. MUHAHA, it's the best iPhone, bla bla. It's more expensive, the camera is worse and the simcard slot is literally blocked by a piece of plastic in the 🇺🇸 version. Wow, so dumb. 😂

  18. SIM cards are great for traveling between countries and just plopping in a 1 day sim from the airport vending machine, or swapping on the plane ride there instead of dealing with shitty roaming signals and going through software bs. Also prevents carrier lock-in.
    Removing the slot would make manufacturers that much less likely to also include an sd card slot. Feels almost like claiming in the 2000s that removeable phone batteries should have died eons ago. Just because you dont utilize it doesn't mean it should cease to exist.

  19. Ya'll really like hating on Apple products. To the point where you're laughing at the aluminum grading? As someone who works in the aluminum industry, different alloys make a big difference. Aerospace aluminum is light without sacrificing durability. Really just hating for the sake of being a hater.

  20. In case you guys were wondering the regular iPhone 14 has a colder display so it actually looks brighter because the whites are whiter,,, and then on the Pro Models the displays are warmer making it look less bright and put out less Knits because the white point is not as much as the regular 14.

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