1. My first phone was an iPhone SE, the old one not the 2 or 3 and man, I loved that phone. If I had a phone when the newer ones were released I would’ve saved up for them (technically I had a 4s before that but it couldn’t make calls)

  2. The SE series may not be the money makers for Apple like its pro line-up and its in-betweens, but it's the only device they offer that's on par with Samsung's A series in terms of price. I think it's perfect if you need to have a second device in Apple's walled garden, but you don't want to drop another $800+ for features you would never use. It's also perfect if you're too cheap/ lack the budget to join the Apple club with the best they have to offer. I think Apple is stupid for not showing the SE love…

  3. problem with the se is that no amount of speed or polish or good camera processing is gonna offset the fact that this has fundamental design issues that cant be fixed in this iphone 8 body. the screen (arguably very important as it's the main input and output) is disgustingly bad, the battery is terrible (i make my 5000 mAh battery die by 7 oclock), and for the price i can find phones that fix all of these. im willing to accept a phone that's 2 times slower but has thrice the battery, so much better screen, and fixes the fundamental design flaws. with normal use, you will not find the lack of good chip important but you will find the lack of good battery and screen very important

  4. People really don’t understand the purpose of the se. It’s a “consideration” phone meaning that Apple wants people to look at this phone and consider that it’s worth just buying a better version like the 12 or 13 or test out the se for the iOS to new users and within a year upgrade. Apple knew this phone wouldn’t sale.

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