The Best & Worst Parts About Switching to iPhone From Android

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After using Android phones for the past few years, I recently switched over to the iPhone 13 Pro and these are the best and worst parts about it. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experience switching to iPhone from Android.

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  1. I was a Samsung user, but having every default app twice because of google's and samsung's version of the apps aggravated me. I lost so much storage and the performance was worse than casual. The phone itself also gets worse quicker overtime, and the speakers weren't as good as IOS right now. Samsung is a good phone in terms of hardware, but not good in software

  2. That was a pretty balanced review. Android offers too many choices and too many customizations for me to stay with Apple. I use a MacBook but my phone choice is Android. Love minimizing Google maps, YouTube videos, always on display, having a back button or easy gestures when using gesture mode. I just wish Android companies did a better, longer job of supporting their devices.

  3. i am coming from the galaxy s20 to the iphone 13 pro max.
    i miseed google assistent so much. but if you install the app. make a shortcut out if it. and set it as a double or tripple tap. you can use it really easy.

  4. I'm glad you talked about the navigation. For some reason no one who compares android to ios talks about this feature. Its a huge con for me, I'm so used to the easy to use gestures that work in every app. I really want to go back to ios, but thats a big annoyance for me.

  5. just to name a few reasons why IOS is superior…
    *app store is better than Google play. Most developers don't even release their games and apps on Gplay, only apple's store.
    *better apps and app stability
    *top privacy and security.
    *elegant, more user friendly, more convenient than android.
    *software updates
    *no bloatware
    *apple's bionic chip (world's fastest & best) It gives u a better gaming experience over Qualcomm chip. That's 's why most mobile gaming youtubers are playing on Iphones and ipads.
    *best camera
    *best face ID recognition technology
    *better music streaming app. Apple music has lossless audio so it gives u the best music experience, spotify don't even have losses audio lol but there's news that they're working on it so good news for android fans.
    *better customer support
    *better resale value

  6. Girl I'm sorry but it was so funny how you threw your phone onto carpet LOL I'm pretty sure even without the case it would be fine. Get that sponsorship bag tho!

  7. I switched to iPhone about 4 years ago and the biggest thing I miss from my old galaxy phone is the little LED light that shows missed texts, calls etc. I also hate that I can’t buy kindle books on the app and have to open Amazon to do it.

  8. I'm considering switching to an IPhone, but was curious if they've improved with 3rd party app integration yet. For instance, can I go on yelp, click directions, and be taken straight to Google Maps? Or if I get a calendar invite through an email, can I have it added straight to my Google calendar with one click?

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  10. Hello! Have you got any advice about using Instagram and preferred devices? I had the S9 and reels was not working well and recently purchased the S10 but am now considering whether it is better to switch to iPhone. Have you noticed any differences and whether it is worth the apple upgrade? Thank you

  11. I don't like when people compare iPhone(iOS) to any Android OS phone which is open source and has so many manufacturer variations. Some manufacturers don't care about the OS so they don't optimize it to the hardware and others may. It's just to push the product. Android on Samsung is good but Android on Pixel is way better the only down side is Google is not in the same laptop or tablet market like Apple
    Still liked your video tho thank you for your time to make it and post 😁😁😁

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