Technews 1414 || iPhone 14 series sales, Samsung Offers, Moto Edge 30 Ultra 256Gb, vivo v25 Etc…

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  1. Anna epudu manam online lo mobile purchase chese tapudu old mobile exchange chestam kada, a mobiles malli new mobile laga sell chestara leda m chestaru?

  2. Rotation issues on so many apps.

    Previously YouTube and hotstar automatic ga rotate avevi.

    Last 10 days nundi rotation avatam ledu. Rotation on chesi oonchithe appudu rotate avthunay. Yenduku Ela avthunay phone problem or apps problem.

  3. Hi Anna
    Company warranty unappudu manaku service free istaru.
    Okavela warranty expire aithe mandade responsibility.
    Kani extended warranties companies like Go Warranty upto 2 years extra warranty provide chestay kada anna.
    Ilanti external warranty services nammocha, leda neglect cheyyala.

  4. Prasad anna loved your channel and great efforts of your work are impressive

    Need a small help
    Nen driving chesthu unta ekuva eh earphones ithah better untayi sound quality lo and I am software engineer naku 2 ways ga use avali

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