Restoration Iphone 6S Plus Up To Iphone 8 Plus, Many Abandoned Broken Phones Found

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Restore old Oppo A3s Like iPhone 13 Pro Max,Found a lots phone computer and Money​ 30000$ in rubbish

Found Money 100000$ – iphone 11 and iphone 12 pro Max It's very old,Restoration iPhone 11 broken

Building a Gold & Diamond iPhone 12 Pro Max – Most Luxurious iPhone Ever.

Lucky day 😜 Found A lots of Boxes iPhone 13 Pro Max in Trash ! Restore Abandoned Phone

i Restore Destroyed iPhone XR And Turn it into an iPhone 13 Pro for my big fan

Unboxing an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, special appearances by Lord Voldemort & Master Chief

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iPhone 8 Plus Restoration

iPhone 8 Restoration – The Dreaded Back Glass Repair.

$300 iPhone 8 Restoration – Full of dirt!


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iPhone X Bellish Ringtone

iPhone X Original Ringtone

iPhone X Ringtone

iPhone X Ringtone

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