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Crappie Catching! Slab Searching! Fishing in Louisiana! @itsacrappielife

Slab Crappie Catching! Big Gold Slabs! Hand Tied Jigs! Fishing! @itsacrappielife

Crapping Fishing! On top of Dam Searching for Slabs! @itsacrappielife

Slabs out of the HONEY HOLE! Crappie Fishing!

Huge Crappie on Structure! You will find them on Structure! Crappie Fishing!

Critter ruins a good day of fishing! That sucks! Crappie Fishermen!

Huge Slabs Like Structure! Crappie Fishing for Monsters!

That was a Biggon!!! Bank Fishing! Crappie Fishermen!

Backwoods Slab Hunting!! Crappie Fishing! We Finally Got Back On Them! Jigging

Jug Fishing! Unexpected Catch!! Biggest Catch! Cooking Catfish Head Stew! Crappie Fishermen Lining!

Crappie Fishing Unboxing! First Catch On The New Setup! Grizzly Jig!

Jug Fishing! Our Biggest Jug Catch! Crappie Fishermen! Jug Lines Lining! Catfish

Crappie Fishing! Jug Lining For The First Time! Jugging For Catfish!

Go To Crappie Baits/Lures! Favorite Jigs, Heads, Colors! Best Winter Spring Summer Fall Fishing

Crappie Fishing & A Few Surprise Catches! Slab Searching! Catfish, Garfish, Bowfin!

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