Small yet powerful! iPhone SE 2022 Apple A15 Genshin Impact Gaming Test

#iPhoneSE2022 #AppleA15 #GenshinImpact

Genshin Impact FPS Temperature Power Test on latest iPhone SE with Apple A15 soc.
This is one of the best performing device I’ve seen in a while. The Apple A15 soc really does not disappoint.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Test Starts
11:10 – Temperature
11:32 – FPS/Power Record and Conclusion

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  1. I play Genshin on mobile since beginning and my iPad 7 gen lags quite a lot now . I was thinking of getting the 13 pro max but seems like this can be an alternative too . But again I think se is just way too small

  2. I rather buy red magic 7 than buying that phone
    for alternatives redmi k50 pro and 50 ge, has almost the same price, so I think the best to buy is red magic 7 they price right now is 640$
    but for last year flagship phones, the best to buy are realme gt, red magic 6r, and redmi k40 pro. they price from 390-400$

  3. You shouldn't put much emphasis on power consumption because the display has a huge role in it.
    This garbage has a 720p small LCD 60 Hz display and you can't compare it to 1440p 120Hz huge OLED displays of Android devices. They will definitely consumption much more power than this garbage maybe 3 or 4 times more power.

  4. @golden reviewer what is your recommended Genshin Impact settings for flagship specs with 60fps. I have a REDMAGIC 6 and I've been trying to find a sweet spot for good graphics and FPS

  5. Hello, please can you do a battery duration test of the S22 at 60hz and the iPhone 13 at 60hz too? because most people claims that the iphone has longer battery life but apple is cheating in the 120hz refresh rate by not fully enabling it.
    so please a fair test of the S22 and the Iphone 13 at 60hz. Can you please?

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