1. very bad mobile honestly guys i don't recommend it at all tons of issues and very bad quality i bought 2 and replaced them with iphone pro max

  2. I can get a good deal on a S22 ultra about 20% off RRP. Cannot do that with apple. also, iTunes = YUK NO THANKS. And Apple..FFS give your users some customization.

  3. Great content. Does Apple do trade ins on there phone's 🤔 I'd still take my note20 ultra over any Apple Iphone. Do these articles that your talking about mention condition of the phone.

  4. Sir you are the best when it comes to Samsung product videos. However just 1 suggestion from what I saw in the video, you need to wear your Samsung Smartwatch slightly away from your wrist. 2 finger distance

  5. In general Samsung always loses its value but defin not at the moment in high demand.I got mine for 990 for 256g great deal.But re selling Iphone I always get great value in general.(Malta Europe)

  6. I live a dual phone life and am looking forward to receiving my S22 ultra next week. I have the S21 ultra but the fake S Pen sucks as I only use it in bed because it's not attached to the phone. The apple watch is what keeps me going back to apple world. I have the Galaxy watch 4 but I still wear my apple watch for fitness. I have iPads too but don't need to be connected to my phone for them. No Mac and the air drop feature has never been needed.

  7. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Jeff Springer for exposing all the bullshit and lies that these click bait ass you tubers and others report falsely about Samsung/Android!!! This is clearly why I have given up and unfollowed certain bias ass you tubers and reporters for lieing thier ass off!!! I am a Samsung lover, not a fan boy at all just love Samsung/Android products over Apple!!! But it boils me to the core of all the filthy lies and garbage these idiots report!!!! And that's why I deleted thier channels and unsubscribed to them!!!!

  8. Running a second-hand, unlocked, Note 9 bought at 1/3 the MSRP in early 2020. The phone was future-proofed, maxed-out RAM and storage, and is as gorgeous as the day it dropped in late 2018. Zero lag, all-day battery life, gorgeous screen, headphone jack, expandable memory, perfect screen size. Samsung's lack of support will ultimately relegate this phone to a storage bin but it was, and is, in this user's opinion, the BEST smart phone ever made. Apple has an incredible ecosystem and enviable security but for day-to-day use, the Note series was and is a joy to use and own. Will wait to see what the future holds but neither the Android handsets nor Apple offerings, past and present, offer the features that the Note 9 did/does.

  9. You have to look at the presenter and the product, all of these channels talk about samsung negatively for views its sad cause it is and has been hurting the growth of tech, continuing to promote a standard that doesn't grow is were we are,really sad but if you really care about your money you know what to do and that's to buy the best android device out for your price range or the best windows Pc or laptop out for your price range, you simply get miles more, and if it's too much for you say that, say you can't keep up or follow the tech cause that's what it is.

  10. Yeah, those trade in offers or companies who buy the phones only give you about 40% or less of what the phone is worth. The private market value is completely different.

  11. Samsung is giving me $450 if I trade in my 13 pro max. I can get more than that in a private sell. Wtf this dude talking about. He a Samsung clown

  12. I bought my S21U 5 months ago for $500. Traded it in last week for$1000. Don't think you could do that with an iPhone. A lot of ppl trade in to samsung for new devices…. and that's how I got the $1000. I bought my S22U for about $100 with my trade. You can't really beat that.

  13. 😆 🤣 😂… Jeff don't hurt 'em… 😆 🤣 😂… got total value for my S10+ that I paid $500 for… total trade in value when I got my S22U… iPhone can't touch it… preach.

    Oh, not to mention I got a free pair of buds pro, free upgrade to the 512GB version, 3 smart tags, and a watch 4, at no extra cost… pleeeaase!

    Of course I got it at launch which make a difference…I always try to tell my counterparts get it at launch for the best value… can't be beat! Guy I told this to thanked me cause he didn't even know this existed. Knowledge is power.

  14. i pay my my phone off over 3 years through my network provider. the only reason i traded my s21 ultra in for the 22 ultra is i was offered $700. trade in with a bonus $600. if i got the ultra. not only did it pay out what was owing on my 21 ultra it left $55. which came off my next bill. love the 21 butt 22 was a nice upgrade. most likely will keep this for at least 2 years maybe more.

  15. I bought my S22 Ultra 512GB off Swappa last month with 4 cases included (Spigen, Samsung, Otterbox, UAG) – all for $1030, let's say 900 with cases not included. It was originally $1399 MSRP. 900/1399 = 64%. 36% loss in value. Not too far off the articles TBH. Does memory even matter when trading in, I don't see an option for it on the Samsung website? I love my phone but I would definitely upgrade if the next SOC they use is more efficient and closer to anything Apple is putting out. It is somewhat worrying that I will take the biggest loss if I tried to sell it third party, and sticking to Samsung seems to be the best option of not hemorrhaging money, therefore keeping me locked in their ecosystem 🤯

  16. In Greece, one of Apple's official distributors, can pay you up to as much as 899 euros(935 dollars), depending on your model, its condition and storage. I am 99% sure that when I was checking on their store's website, I used their calculator to see how much I would get for an iPhone 13 pro max 128GB on good to perfect condition and the results said I could get up to 899 euros, after the checkup to verify whether I am lying about the phone's condition or not. Not everything, applies everywhere so please check your facts or mention that this might not apply everywhere. I am an android user btw

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