1. Red Magic is a huge liability as it's not water resistant – if you need to repair it because of that, you'll have to pay more than its original cost (!). They don't have physical stores or local support which means any repair will be done abroad (with shipping costs being charged to you), and any peripherals you want to buy will also come with a shipment surplus, so it's just a money sucking machine. Just to give you an idea, my RM 6 pro (top specs) lightly touched some water which got into the charging port (so it's not like it was submerged) and because that's not covered by the warranty I had to send it abroad for repair. They said all data in there is lost (an sd card slot would have been useful here) and they are asking for roughly 120% its original price to repair it. Obviously I'm not paying that to repair a phone that is no longer their latest generation. I'd be paying more than double for a soon-to-be obsolete device with not even any emotional attachment since all data is gone. Gaming phones are a huge risk because they're not water resistant, but Red Magic really takes the cake. Any suggestions on a high-end cool smartphone I can use for gaming that's water resistant and has good customer support?

  2. I usually don't expect much with the camera on the gaming phone but this is beyond my expectation on RM7. I spend more time playing game on the phone than messing with the camera so decent quality is ok for me. My RM7 will arrive today and I'm very excited.

  3. i dont understand why RM7 has 165hz and 700nits while RM7 pro has 120hz and 600nits. oh well they dont have all usa 4g and 5g bands anyway so no buy for me. they look great tho but i bought tab s8plus for gaming

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