Real 3D Scanner vs iPhone 13 Pro Max LIDAR Comparison | Revopoint Pop 2!

Measurements, face scanning, object scanning, textures and more will be shown in this comparison between the newly released RevoPoint Pop 2 Vs the 3D sensors on the iPhone 13 Pro Max that includes a lidar scanner, Face ID, depth sensor, IR camera and dot projector. We shall also look at software and 3rd party applications designed to use with iPhone.

Revopoint Pop 2


  1. What do you know about game dev? Clearly not much – you dont need high quality mesh for gaming, quite opositive – you build as low mesh as posible and compensating high quality details by adding textures, normal maps, etc to bring back the high details. Thats how you save memory which is very important.

  2. Thanks for sharing! As an avid outdoors person, I was wondering if you could do a video on scanning wildlife tracks in snow or soft ground. Tracks such as dogs, coyotes, deer, etc. would be very cool to see the iPhone 13's lidar scanning capability. Cheers!

  3. A great video. We're still in the early stages of consumer lidar technology. Some people will remember how mediocre phone cameras were 10-15 years ago, and a lot of us get great results with them now. Something similar could happen with lidar. Pop 2 was very impressive with the face scan, but you might have to spend more money to construct 3D models of jewelry because of the difference in scale. A possible workaround for small distances might be visible light photography/photogrammetry, but with more images in future versions of Meshroom, PhotoScan, RealityCapture, etc. Existing software might work if you used a macro lens with a DSLR.

  4. Processing in the cloud?? That’s never a free word Cloud ? so what’s the deal with that? We have to pay for our scans? Because there’s NO reason to use a Cloud renderer unless features are only available to there paid cloud service. SO do we have to pay for better scanning or is my duel A6000 ok?

  5. But not a single comment on price? A dedicated, single purpose product for $800 US or a multi-purpose product that comes in at maybe 75% of the quality but with some post touch ups, can probably get really close to equal quality. If you're doing 3D prints for your own customers, you'd probably want something with even more accuracy than the Revopoint Pop 2 anyway – as you mentioned, the captures were not perfect and when you only have one chance to capture a moment, would you really trust the Pop2?

    So, IMHO, the Iphone 13 is perfect for a consumer. It cost me $300 to upgrade from my Iphone 11 and I get a LiDAR scanner that gets me close, and I still have maps to find my way home and make a call. A little Blender tweak and I'm 100% there. Or, I could spend $800, still need Blender post and have no other use for it. If I'm going to make money off of it, I'm going to invest in a professional product but they run ~1500 to infinity. Seems like the Pop2 is a so-so product for a so-so price.

  6. Great video! I am definitely tempted by the Pop 2 and am looking at it specifically for face/head scanning. Could you tell me if you tried the dark/hair scanning mode, please? This was a major weakness of the original Pop. Revopoint claim they have improved things, but I haven't seen any demos of it!

  7. Hey nice video! Something a bit different in relation to a phone x phone comparison. Sure, different tech for different markets but it's nice to see the difference in each and what's possible from them. Keep up the good work!

  8. Interesting video but there are far better iPhone 3d scanning apps, Heges and Scanniverse to name but a few. Could you scan a lego block with the POP 2 please? The iPhone LIDAR is unable to scan one in my experience yet the front facing true depth camera can with no problem.

  9. The scanning tech in the iPhone is quite impressive, considering that it's just built into the phone.
    On a side note, what camera did you use to capture yourself when talking? It has a strange sharpening effect to it. Not a big deal, but wanted to provide some feedback nonetheless.

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