Productive day in my life | getting my life together & fav iPhone productivity apps 📝📱

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My views are not those of my employer. All video clips were filmed prior to work, on any designated work breaks or after work.

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  1. Just want to say sorry to anyone who was offended by my comment about the window cleaner. I am extremely sarcastic but I realize not everyone can read my sarcasm or tone. I didn't mean it offensively calling out the window cleaner I was just addressing them by that since they were cleaning windows. It wasn't a "hit" at the person that they make less than me, I feel like you guys know me better than that. It was literally 2 separate comments….First that talking to a camera isn't weird in 2021 it's my literal job NOT that this person made less than me? I'm obviously not the kind of person to rub my income in people's faces. Once again I'm just extremely sarcastic and I understand my tone may have offended some and I apologize but of course it wasn't my intention. And do people think I would have uploaded that clip if I was making fun of someone's job? People on social media are human and also make mistakes so I thank the individual who commented on my video and it will be cut out in the next little bit. Lots of love❤️

  2. I love realistic productive vlogs!! It reminds me to also complete those small everyday tasks that I have been putting off when life gets busy. Thanks for the motivation Carter! Would love to see more of these videos.

  3. As someone's whose house has been broken into…. HIDE YOUR CHANGE/Disney fund!!! Don't make it obvious where you keep it! You unfortunately can't get cash back through insurance 🙁

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