Phone Case Shopping at Target | iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Haul

It’s Simply Sofia! Another phone case shopping vlog, this time at Target! I wanted to find a new case for my iPhone 12 Pro Max and Target actually had a pretty wide selection. Which one was your favorite? I also show you some room decor which I bought. Stay tuned!

More phone case shoppings:

Thank you for watching ♥

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  1. Now that you’re being consistent with your vlogs I can’t keep up with all of them??
    When you weren’t posting any vlogs I wanted you to post?
    It’s crazy Sofia?❤️

  2. Hey Sofia I think you will really like this brand it’s called Burga I really do think it’s your style I have one of their phone cases on my phone right now and it think it’s super cute and has a lot of marble cases stone any type 🙂

  3. I got the iPhone 13 and I have 2 apple cases. One is pink and I love it cause my phone is baby pink then I have the clear one and girl it’s slippery as hell!!! But I have bought others of course but that clear apple one is terrible!!!!!

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