No Notch iPhone 14 Leaks!

2022 Leaks: Apple ENDS the iPhone
iPhone 14 is stealing everything
The 2022 iPhone 14 lineup will be one of the most significant upgrades to the iPhone in years. The biggest change rumored to be coming to the iPhone 14 is a huge FaceID notch redesign. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s talk about the latest rumors and leaks for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

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  1. I don’t see apple having a pill shape and a hole punch on the screen together…

    The pill shape I believe is the way that apple will go. And Face ID under the screen.

  2. Annnd for those who doesn’t want to spend too much from their wallet & want a bigger screen, they can buy the iPhone 14 MAX! For 19-99 making a HUGE saving of 49 dollars from $2049

  3. Apple need to be sable to fight each country regulation to give to humanity the jetsons experience. Unlessh the power of a To-Do líst in the same way as a call to the Amex black card call center. The power of just write it.

  4. Let's hope the camera bump is gone, can't stand it on any phone, ugly. The notch, please be gone it's ridiculous. I can't believe we've had garbage designs for so long! I might actually go back to apple if these designs come to life.

  5. For my work I have had a couple phones. One Samsung with a fingerscanner in the screen and a finger scanner on the side. Both work just fine. My iPhone with Face ID works perfect also. So all combinations would be a nice upgrade.

  6. Conspicuous by its absence across the board, is an utter lack of speculation regarding the ‘lightning/usb’ issue. What have you heard? Will iPhone 14 continue with lighting for yet another year? Finally advance to USB-C? Or perhaps actually innovate with something new like thunderbolt? Why is no one talking about this?

  7. I kind a like the idea of the iPhone 4max,and removing the Sim card tray is not the best option of this year, and the notch removal will be great, hope the changes will be in all the 14 models

  8. I think Apple will give us a surprise this year coz it's their 15th year anniversary of the original iPhone.

    I have these thoughts:

    1. What's the purpose of having Touch ID + Face ID? LOL. I think they will stick to Face ID, and that "front cam + sensors + face ID hole/s" will come. HAHA. I also think they will not release with a single punch hole because it will look like any other smart phone out there. lol.

    2. I think they will improve that cinematic mode. And, I think 120FPS on video (?) HAHA

    3. Maybe, USB type C will come (?) and if this happens, the price of the base model will increase (just like the iPad Air and Mini) And if not, they will stick to lighting but more improved Magsafe.

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  10. I wish people would stop complaining about dumb irrelevant stuff, like this notch. Who cares! This effort helped nobody! Make the phone better and stop waisting effort on dumb stuff. I'm still angry that they took the power button and placed it exactly opposite of the sound buttons to make the same complainers happy.

  11. A phone with 48mp resolution is sort of unpractical. You upload it to instagram and it’ll get compressed, so does whatsapp and many other app. The phone display itself is less than 4mp. The biggest apple display, imac, is 15mp. The photo taken by a phone mostly used only for social media purposes.

  12. If your current iPhone wiggles on the camera bump as you set it down on a flat surface then maybe it's time to get a phone case like 99.99999% of the people who have them do. Just pointing that out.

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