1. Finally… a premiere pro review! All we need is an After Effects review and we're set lol. Honestly though, I get so annoyed with Final Cut reviews. We get it, they're optimized for it so they're always going to work great. I for one hate FCP.

  2. What do you feel about the fact that the Mac Studio does not have SSD, but a nand storage that cannot be upgraded? It can only be replaced by a nand storage of the same size. The weird thing is that they are accessible and removable, but not upgradable! That is really messed up in my opinion. It looks nice, but memory and storage are very overpriced.

  3. 60hz display…hard pass. I can't imagine paying $1600 for a 60hz display in 2022. Also, let's be honest – anyone who cares about audio quality is not going to rely on the built-in speakers. They're easily outclassed by even the cheapest and most basic headphones or studio monitors.

  4. Guys not sure if you noticed but that power cable is not removable from the display. Just for comparison the only monitor I used that had non removable cables was a now ancient monitor from 2003. I never understood how you guys can justify buying such overpriced crap. What if you end up having to repair the monitor? You will send it to Apple and they will just tell you to buy new one making even more money. STOP SUPPORTING APPLE'S ANTI-REPAIR MEASURES

  5. Unbelievably it sucks and I wonder you loved it somehow 🤔. Why on earth you are so biased upon Apple product, like anything Apple introduced you are having orgasam

  6. So this is the target demographic for the studio display kind of products. Not actual professionals, but naive people who pass for doing “professional” work. Like, knowing nothing about the spec and value but just blabbering about how they’re having a great time. Seriously, the mac studio is a great product, but the display, god apple’s just a money sucking company. That’s all I have to say.

  7. No matter how good speakers are from a monitor, they can't beat reference headphones for technical work. Also, I think I would need three of them – so that would add up. I'm also disappointed it isn't 32" instead of 27". For the price, I'm content with my LG 32" 4K IPS monitors.

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