NEW How To Install Unc0ver 7.0.2 & Fugu14 Jailbreak iOS 14.4 – 14.5.1 iPhone iPad Get Cydia 2021

How To Get Unc0ver v7.0.2 & Fugu 14 Untethered Jailbreak iOS 14.5.1 / 14.5 / 14.4.2 / 14.4.1 / 14.4 iPhone 12 mini , iPhone 12 , iPhone 12 Pro , iPhone 12 Pro Max , iPhone SE 2 , iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro , iPhone 11 Pro Max , iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max , iPhone XR , iPad Air 4th Gen , iPad Pro 4th Gen , iPad Pro 3rd Gen , iPad Pro 2nd Gen , iPad Pro 1st Gen , iPad Air 3rd Gen iPad 8th Gen , iPad mini 5th Gen. Install Cydia 2021 – Subscribe, Like & Share. Thanks :”)

Unc0ver v7.0.2 Fugu14…


  1. Hey Dino thank you so much for this I’ve been waiting for this jailbreak come out out for the longest time, I just had a question tho if you could tell me why once I jailbrole in the settings app I lost the page where it tells me all my passwords that are saved to iCloud?

  2. Followed your guide to installing altstore, and everything went exactly as you said it would.. problem i have is that there is no "open in altstore" button to click on the uncover page..? any help/suggestions please? 🙂

  3. I have been waiting so long, the last time I jailbroke was on ios 10 I think, I've been on ios 14.4.1 waiting and as soon as I heard about it I went straight to your channel, I cant express my gratitude enough to you for these videos man <3

  4. Why the Jailbreak is not untethered for me? Every time if I restart my iPhone the Tweaks are away and I can not Cydia anymore so every time I need to install new like a tethered one. Any one else has this problem?

  5. When I sign in with my Apple ID on the AltStore app, it signs in with my old apple ID and then wont let me download the jailbreak. Does anyone have a solution to this?

  6. Dino,
    Do I have to do this on my windows computer? I redownloaded the AltStore I have the 1.4.8 from AltStore I downloaded the new Unc0ver 7.0.2 but I didn’t get the Fungu14 blue screen? What am I doing wrong? Can I do it from my phone or I need a pc?

  7. Pls help! when i start jailbreak it always stuck at 29/32, ive been waiting for like 3 or 5 min and still at 29.. soo i closed it and want to reboot it but it doesnt work and i cant open any apps like appstore/photos even i cant open setting, ive been trying to reset it on 3utool and still not working… please help im new here and i dont know what should i do.

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