My iPhone Camera Apps of the Year 2021

It’s time for my favourite iPhone Camera Apps of the Year 2021. These are my personal favourite go-to iPhone camera apps that I use regularly, if not every day.

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✔︎ RAW vs ProRAW iPhone 13 Pro Max
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  1. YouTube appears to be deleting perfectly normal comments 🤔 I can see them in Creator Studio but when I click to respond it says, 'Comment Removed' 🤷‍♂️ Sorry if this has happened to you. I'm not deleted comments and don't have any blocked words or filters.

  2. CameraPixels Pro dosen't seem to focus close enough with the Utra wide 13 mm lens for a Macro shot on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. So I think no Macro shoot is possible with CameraPixels Pro app on the 13 Pro Max.

  3. I appreciate the reviews you are posting – great content, craft, and humour. Is there anywhere that you speak to choosing the storage capacity of your phone? I'd be interested in your experience regarding the new iphone storage capacity, your work load, and transferring videos/photos onto a hard drive, rather than storing on the phone. I know that everyone is shooting different amounts of material and at different file sizes, but was curious as to your take on all of this. thanks.

  4. Great review David! Currently I'm not using Halide or Camera Pixels Pro apps. So if I was going to purchase one of them which one in your opinion should I go with? I have an IPhone 13 Pro Max.

  5. As mentioned, I would also love to see complete Camera Pixels review / tutorial since on YouTube, there's really not something usable if anything. So far, everything I have learned was from your videos and I really would like to stick with it. 🙂

  6. Great year-end summary. I’ve recently purchased Moment from your previous reviews. I’m finding for the most part a great alternative to the native
    app. I mostly love like the new “macro” features that IPhone 13 Pro max offers. In your opinion what is the best current app you think will
    help me take advantage of this new feature.

  7. So my comment having been deleted I am putting it back. Have you had a problem with Halide which was one of your favorite apps before? I would be interested in knowing it. Thank you

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