Mind blowing trick for iPhone & iPad

Mind blowing trick for new iPhone & iPad owners.

This can be done from iPhone to iPhone, iPad to iPad or iPhone to iPad.

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  1. I have an iPhone 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 2021. There are both same Wi-Fi and iCloud but neither ways are working for me. Has anyway else had an issue trying? Once again though great video Paul and your content is always brilliant to watch 👍

  2. Good tip for those who didn’t know, iPhone copy and paste is a bit of magic, this works as well without the 3 finger grab if anyone finds that gesture difficult, press the share button on a picture and copy it, then you can paste it on an iPad into an iMessage, email, text, notes etc, apples ecosystem is pretty cool.

  3. I didn’t know this but I also only have one apple device so I’ll never use this feature but it’s very cool to see

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