Managing Your Home Screen App Icons On iOS 15

Here are the basics and some advanced tips for arranging the icons on your iPhone’s Home screen. Also learn how to create folders, change the order of the screens, and only show a small selection of apps on your Home screens instead of all of them.

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  1. Found this when looking to see if anyone had made a video showing the full panic of moving apps from one full home screen to a folder in a previous full home screen, where pure chaos ensues – an item from your first page can get shuffled to the second page, potentially shuffling an icon to a third page, etc. So awful.

  2. It's almost 2022 and Apple STILL will not let you put icons where you prefer on the home screen. At this point all I can assume is that Apple loves to jerk us around. I have to admit though, that you blew my mind with that "group dragging and ordering" scenario!!

  3. in iOS 15 you don't even need to long press an icon. you can long press anywhere on the screen to get the apps to wiggle. It's actually quite annoying and I find I accidentally trigger it sometimes. I wonder if there is a setting to change it???

  4. You are not limited to 4 apps on the bottom of your iPhone, you have 4 placeholders. If you combine apps into folders as you suggested one can do, you can move a folder to the bottom of your screen to occupy one of the 4 placeholders giving you options for more apps that show up on all screens. The 4 on my phone are the Settings App, Phone folder(which includes the Phone app and shortcuts to connect to certain people I call all of the time), Google Apps folder(with – Drive, YouTube, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom, Google Keep, Gmail, Assistant, Meet), and Apple Apps Folder (with – Contacts, Messages, Facetime, Mail, App Store, Reminders, Facetime, Find My, Watch, Tips, Calendar, Shortcuts, and Support,)

  5. Very useful video – thank you ?

    Have you made a video on Safari (iPad) yet where you can see how to deal with all the tabs?

    I'm still going insane. Also, you can't search web pages in existing tabs now, can you? ?

  6. I get all new apps which I download to Home Screen because then I remember actually test/use them and if they are good enough I will move them to folder or make shortcut for them and if I notice that I haven't use that app at all and it's still at Home Screen I know that I can delete that app completely. If I let them go only to App Library I will not remember to try them at all 😀

  7. To move an icon to next home screen .. a better way is to long press the icon until everything vibrates… then don't move that icon to the edge of the screen… instead use another finger to swipe on screen to change home screen(remember you are still holding you icon with one finger) and let the icon go… it is faster and more efficient

  8. Great video. Learned a few new things. Here’s another one: you can also drag an app folder on to the dock. It’s a very handy way to get around the four-app limit.

  9. Great job with another fantastic video. In regards to the dock: is it possible to have <4 icons in the dock or is it mandatory to have 4 in the dock?

  10. Thank you. Moving apps is not as precise as you show in general. Moving to another screen often reshuffles existing apps and it’s often a juggling process. Wish they would find a way to customise app positioning in a virtual screen then go live. Also this would be useful if you have to go through the same thing with iPads.

  11. One additional technique that some of us have found useful is the following. If you want to move an app across multiple Home Screens, and if you have an empty space in your Dock, move the app from its original Home Screen to the Dock, then swipe until you get to your destination Home Screen, then move your app from the Dock to that destination Home Screen.

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