MacBook Pro 2021: A Huge Mistake?

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The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro brought nice upgrades this year, but the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops gave us the features we have all been waiting for. So, after using these laptops for several weeks, do they live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

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  1. I am still using Macbook 13 2015 base model and I have seen drastic performance decline after updating it to the latest mac os. Has anyone experienced similar issue?

  2. The notch makes this Macbook look old. It looks like someone added black tape on the screen to get some privacy! If this was the real case, i'm sure everyone would peel it of because it's looking ugly.

  3. They took away all the ports and selling it as adapters and dongles. We can understand its business. But what about that webcam with ugly notch. They should've took the webcam away too like some Asus laptops and sold it separately if they mean business. But Apple is saddistic.😞They're still not out of the clutches of ugly notches. Just wondering it that notch can be hidden. If that ain't there, Apple is super saddistic.😠

  4. No DOUBT this is probably the greatest laptop in every aspect. BUT I get nuts when most Apple fanboys start supporting this NOTCH. I mean, REALLY??? NOTCH in Apple iPhone and now the MacBook Pro does not make any sense when there are better innovative options out there. Those same people would have ridiculed if some other companies like Microsoft brought this kind of notch. Apple is really lucky to get this many blind supporters, who will suck anything Apple stick out to them

  5. As a photographer the Notch is an issue! Its still a needless distraction! A fatter top bezel would have been the better direction. At least offer a clean way to alter the display area other than pinching the sides in when you alter the each app which then in its self distracts as now you have menus up and menu's down. I get sea sick just watching them dance! And I lose screen real estate both ways! >>> Apple fix this! <<< Do it right make a single setting for EVERYTHING and frankly the notch is way to big! When you see what you've got in the iPhone.

  6. M1 max pro, Great laptop but overkill for most people….think Mac mini m1 is seriously the best computer overall and m1 air follows closely….both do everything you need and at great value for money!!! The m1 max pro think is for more professionals or serious editors/artistic users who just want to spend a bit more on raw power for editing stuff…but starting at £1700 in the UK think it’s badly positioned and not value for money especially given no dedicated GPU for other uses

  7. I’m kind of a tight wad, so I “invest” in new tech that will last, not upgrade for fun or fashion. I’m still running my 2012 MacBook Pro daily. It was expensive at the time, but it’s a tank and has never failed, while friends are on their 3rd Dell or whatever. Your review was just what I wanted to know. This is the model to upgrade to.

  8. Apple is bewitched by notches and now it’s spreading to newer macs.The problem is they always hesitate to welcome features and technology that the other brands have and try to make themselves different making customers like us suffer for their narrow mentality.Adding pop up cameras in macs could easily accommodate the bezel less design along with fingerprint sensor on the body.a pop up or punch hole camera and in-display fingerprint sensor in iPhones could make it more practical and advanced. But apple thinks that’s copying others rather than accepting and implementing such technologies in their products.Another revolutionary movement should be risen against apple to let them know we are not their slaves.let’s raise our right to freedom….

  9. The notch is lazy engineering. Jobs never would have allowed it. I don't like it on iPhones and as much as I'd love a new MacBook Pro, I'm not buying one with a notch. The huge menu bar they designed to make it look natural is silly.

  10. All I can think about, when I hear people praising the “new” ports Apple brought back this year…


    “Assholes never should’ve taken them out in the first place!”


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