Lost iPhone Games That are no longer Downloadable

Hey all! Long time no see! In this week’s video, I’m going over lost and now unplayable iPhone/Mobile games that are no longer available in the AppStore.
Time Stamps:
0:00 — Intro
0:45 — Part 1: Disney Mobile Games
2:18 — Part 2: Angry Birds Classic and Spinoffs
4:30 — Part 3: Talking Angela
7:07 — Part 4: Other Personal Favorites
8:44 — Outro/Channel Updates

Outro music by Just A Dolphin
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  1. you just unlocked a memory of me playing the wreck it ralph game on my ipod touch 4 after the movie came out… i lowkey miss it and remember it being fun

  2. Omg, you still have the awesome old Talking Angela you’re so lucky!!!! I used to be so entertained by the idea of talking to a bot, it would keep me entertained for days. It’s so funny how similar all our old App Store experiences were, ah good times…

  3. I miss the old Talking Angela. I mostly just messed with her but it was still fun. There was also this old app called paper toss where you toss paper balls into a bucket. They still have a version of it but it’s not like the original one and it’s filled with ads.

  4. when i was younger i used to play the original angry birds and the spin offs on my grandma’s ipad, i didnt actually play the game instead i would just watch those cartoon mini movies that they had.

  5. I miss playing Angry Birds Seasons so much! The level designs were so unique and I really hope the classic games will come back in some type of way

  6. I always regret not keeping Flappy Bird on my phone, that's probably the one mobile game I regret not keeping.

    Funny enough Rovio kinda sorta brought back the first Flappy Bird game, there's a remake/remaster they released a few months ago on Apple Arcade.

  7. I miss Froggy Jump so much, I was super addicted to it as a kid and hell I think I had some marvel skins for the game! and I miss Clumsy ninja, idk if theyre still on the app store but theyre nostalgic to me

  8. I remember I bought Bioshock on iOS, and then let it download overnight so I could play in the morning. Well a new iOS update came out that night that automatically downloaded and made it so Bioshock never opened on iPhones again. Wasn’t able to get a refund either. This just reminded me. Thanks for the vid!

  9. interestingly enough Rio , seasons and the original are available on the 3ds since there are physical copies, I'm not sure if the other console releases have the other missing games (i think the star wars one had a 3ds release) but all i know is those 3 (maybe a few others) are still "available" just via a different method that isn't a phone

  10. Does anyone remember the discontinued Talking Friends games?
    To what I recall, there was Larry the Bird, Gina the Giraffe, John the Bacteria, Harry the Hedgehog, Santa, Robby the Robot and a couple others I forgot the names of, which I recall being a hippo, a fairy, and a T-Rex.

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