Let’s Settle It – iPhone 13 vs Galaxy S22

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  1. I love android and ios. Here's my 2 cents.
    For me if you're not getting a pro Max device you're wasting your money. So just buy the 11,12, or 13.

    Currently I'm using the note 20 again after the 13 pro. Oy gripe is the camera but the note is better for me in every other way. Especially how it fits in my hand.

  2. Gaming is my preferance and I do photography as well. i want to buy Iphone 13. The 60 Hz refreash rate will be enough for me for gaming?

  3. The battery comparison isn't fair as the S22 is judged with 120hz display while the iPhone 13 with 60hz. Should you dial back the refresh rate on the s22 to 60hz you may find it has better battery life. But 6 hrs while running 120hz is very good for a phone that size.

  4. It feels so weird to say that the iPhone is the option most people (unless you don't like ios) SHOULD get (just more stable and solid across the board) but the Samsung is what you WANT to get bc of its better aesthetics and 120hz screen (despite the battery deficiencies, running hot, at best on par camera system with slightly worse video) . The IPhone for a long time was always that phone you wanted but shouldn't really get bc the price was too high, but here, with the s22 coming at pretty much the same price, the roles flip.

  5. Excellent video Dion! Because I've been using Samsung for almost 10 years now, I didn't know iPhone had that "notch" on the selfie cam… being so adjusted to the minimalistic look on Samsung, the notch would be difficult difficult for someone like me to get used to lol!

    Very glad to hear iPhone's battery life has improved significantly these days! In 2013, I had to leave Blackberry and choose between iPhone and Samsung. I chose Samsung partially for the better battery life, as iPhone's did not compare at the time. Nowadays, for anyone who does not use their phone for work, and have fewer screen time hours, either iPhone or Samsung would work just fine!

    I do have a question for you- prior to this video series, had you ever extensively tried a Samsung phone?

    You certainly looked as though you enjoyed your experience doing this trial and comparison on your channel, and it appears as though there has been significant growth on your channel as well! Not certain if this was directly related to this series, as your general content is absolutely incredible! But if so, that is so cool!

    Thanks again for doing this trial and all these comparison videos! I'm certain they've opened up the eyes of anyone using the opposite product, as well as given them a chance to see both products and features side by side, and learn new things as well!

    Keep up the incredible work, and a huge congratulations on your impressive progress Dion! 😃

  6. I bought 13 midnight few days ago.But using some hours i saw white rings around camera areas.Then i gogle it and found lots of people having this discoloring issue around the camera areas.Did u find anything like this?

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