Is The iPhone Notch Dead?

00:00 Lew’s new outfit
06:55 Apple’s new cheaper display
11:27 Moving AVTR PC case
14:19 BMW’s HUGE backseat display
17:46 Reacting to Mercedes-Benz’ VISION EQXX
22:01 Tesla game controller
29:01 Drone carrying defibrillator
32:33 Taco Bell taco subscription
35:38 Gamestop NFT marketplace
38:28 Checking out the Samsung store in Decentraland

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  1. The notch doesn't bother me at all, and I know why the notch is there to begin with, all of the face ID tech, plus a really good front facing camera, which won't be very good under the display right now(since the tech isn't there yet for really good under the display cameras). I'm an Android user, before anyone comes after me and calls me a sheep. I have an S20, a Pixel 2 XL, and I do have an iPhone 11 Pro(which has a notch, yet it doesn't bother me).

  2. My son loves iPhones, So Christmas of 2020 I got him the Iphone 11 or 12 I forget which one he has. And the buds and the watch. But when I saw the Notch I was a bit salty. He didn't care tho. As long as it had the logo he was fine. In fact he was asking for anolder device. I just couldn't let him go out like that. The Pill would be a majore improvement. RIP Jobs. Although I'm not a fan of your products, You're still the Goat in the Tech game IMO. So is this Channel.

  3. The Samsung Odyssey kills any Apple display you can get the SAMSUNG 49" Class Curved Widescreen Dual HD (3840 x 1080) 144Hz 1ms $1000 it's 4K you can get 8K TV from Samsung for 3 Grand that's bigger in size so why would you opt for Apple display don't make no sense

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