iPhone X – Good but not GREAT for 2022!

After using the iPhone X for the past 2 weeks, in my opinion, the iPhone X is a good phone but not great anymore because it has a few drawbacks!

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iPhone X:

iPhone XR in 2021:


My filming gear:…


  1. I like how you review these phones just like an average consumer. The other tech channels just talk talk too much about so much that really average consumers don't care about. eg comparison videos talking about phone weight…. who even cares about the weight?

  2. It's 2022 now, should i get this phone. Just need the good screen resolution and phone that fits my hand, not too big or too small

  3. My new phone is a iPhone X, but it’s a ex demo, so it wasn’t used by a person just used in the apple shops as a demo phone, so it has 100% battery life, and is fast so it’s great. It’s so much faster than my old iPhone 7

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