iPhone vs Android | Which is best in 2022?

Comparing Apple’s iPhone vs Android smartphones in 2022 – should you go iOS, or grab a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy or one of the many other Android offerings? This quick guide reviews the phones themselves (including the Pro, Max and Mini iPhones, plus that awful SE 2022 thing), the apps situation, security, privacy, camera tech and more.

So which do you think is the winner in Android versus iPhone? Is Apple deserving of the crown, or should you get a Pixel, Galaxy or something else…


  1. I had an HTC Desire 626 for 3 years. It was a phone. Then i got a 6s and ill never go back. Currently have a 13 mini and its incredible what this thing packs for something so small. Androids are good at one specific task based on model. Apple is good at everything.

  2. as far as i understood, samsung has longest android support atm, with pixel being 2nd, and oneplus/sony on a collectively 3rd spot. (oneplus only does 2 years now, google 3, and galaxy S series phones does 4 years of regualr updates and 4+ on sec

  3. Android in 8 yers befor i have iphone 3 and iphone 4 but. I love android . Now samsung m51 and samsung pad s5e but i have earpods 2 but can not us siri my old iphones not work

  4. Kinda irrelevant with the video but I would like your opinion I'm between realme gt neo 2 at 310€ or realme gt 5g at 330€ both are the 8/128 version. Which one would you choose

  5. I own an iPhone XR and a Pixel 5a 5g and I'm not a brand snob or loyalist. There are advantages and disadvantages to each ecosystem. Apple and iOS are long lasting and well made but there's absolutely no innovation or customization so you get the same device each year. Not a bad thing since iOS is well optimized and well refined, if it's not broken don't fix it. As you said, Android is much more customizable and it has certain features iOS still doesn't have. Android isn't quite as stable as iOS and they do skimp on update support and some models aren't durable or built as immaculately as iPhones. There are obvious differences in the two and I appreciate what both platforms do well.

  6. I've always gone Android just because I'm a cheap twat, but it was reinforced when my missus was an iPhone user and would boast about new stuff being introduced.

    My reaction to most of which being, "What, you didn't already have that?"

  7. Samsung devices are the only android devices that go head to head against Apple devices. Pixel devices are buggy and feel like they take a lot of inspiration from Apple. Samsung devices are optimised and have better overall camera system. Better android representative would've been Samsung S22 Ultra.

  8. Android works for me and i love it than iOS. It's my preference. Androids has a better battery life for sure that's what I feel. I used a 120$ android called redmi 9i and it had 5000mah battery and it lasted me like morethan 10 hours screen on time and my sister has poco M3 and it's battery is like 6000mah and it lasted her morethan ,15hours .

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