iPhone Users DO NOT want apps outside of Apple App Store!

Apple and Sideloading are back in the news with the US Senate Judiciary Committee passing the Open App Markets Act! In this video I break it all down and discuss the ramifications on side-loading on iOS! If you’d like to see more tech content from me, HIT SUBSCRIBE FOR THE RIDE! Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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  1. If iphone users didn't want sideloading then why on earth would there be such a huge call for jailbreaking??? apple used to allow sideloading through iTunes and it was easy. Even today there is a huge call to sideloading, thats why applications such as cydia, sidloadly, and altStore continue to exist. This video is talking about average users of iphone, while the average user of android sideloads way more often than you would think and if iphone allowed it I guarantee even with the ridiculous price of an iphone tons of android users would be more willing to switch. My windows pc's have tons of sideloaded apps installed, my linux pc's have tons of sideloaded apps, my android phones have tons of sideloaded apps, and the few times I purchased and attempted to use iphones I quickly stopped using them because of 2 things. 1. the closed down system that doesnt allow me as the owner of the product to do what I want with the product. 2. that stupid lighting cable that charges at 1/4 the speed and transfers data slower than a 6 year old android phones cable. You spend 3 times the manufacturing cost for an iphone with 8 year old tech and a control freak of an OS while I can go buy a $300 android phone today that might have last years tech but its opensource and I can modify the system to my liking. I would happily give apple another go if they would allow customers more freedom, which after the senate forces them to do so I will probably do just that but hopefully they will actually step in to 2022 and use usb c in the next generation so that it wont take 6 hours to transfer my music like it did on the iphone 11

  2. I don't think you people realize how dirty apps INSIDE the App Store are. Most of the apps in the app store are filled with trackers that log your iP address, UDID, location information, contact information, voice recordings, devices on your local network, email address, photos, usage & interaction info, and more. Exhibit A: Tik Tok. Why? They want money & data. I don't think you realize. They are essentially spyware. Also, thousands of scam apps make it through apples "vetting process" every year. You can literally look this up yourself.

  3. I have Android and would move to ios for sure once this happens as ios have so very few devices versus 100's of android devices that apps have to run on. The app's almost always have a way better-polished experience on iPhones versus Android due to this. People who don't want it don't have to use it. It gives people a choice especially if you're a power user. It would bring more innovation and competition in the app side of things as not having to adhere to ToS of Apple's AppStore would give devs more freedom and creativity. (Heard of apps getting denied due to Apple made features that it would compete with). Also would allow devs to get money directly instead of having to give a 30% commission to Apple for their hard work. It's a good thing and wouldn't change the average user's experience as it would be a toggle option with it off by default just like on Android.

  4. As an app developer, what I care about most is reducing the number of steps/taps to the bare minimum for users fo download an app. E.g. scan QR code and Face ID authenticate immediately.
    And app clips are not the answer.
    If sideloading allows for this then I am for it, otherwise I am impartial to this. Apple would have every right to hide this option deep in settings and use language/videos to talk users out of it.

  5. I agree with the side loading aspect, but the main focus was for developers to be able to offer a cheaper price through alternative payment systems, IE: owners can use apple or another without punishment from Apple or Google. Just my 2 cents.

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