iPhone Tips for Seniors How to Use the Health App

If you’re like me, then keeping track of your health is important. The iPhone’s Health App helps you do that. In this video you’ll learn how to get up and running using Apple’s powerful Health App.

Here are chapter markers in case you’d like to skip around:
Intro: 0:00
Profile Page Setup: 1:35
View and Edit Summary Page: 6:50
Manually add Health Data: 8:26

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iPhone Tips for Seniors 1 : Basic Settings…


  1. Hello Rich! Excellent information and because I just turned 60 I will definitely work with and set-up my Health app!
    I noticed in my Health app I can connect doctor's office info as well as blood test info/results from places like LabCorp.
    Perhaps the latest iPhone (the SE 3rd gen (2022)) has an updated Health app?

  2. Thanks Rich. I fancy myself as being a tech savvy almost 70 year old woman. And every video of yours teaches me several things I didn’t realize I needed to know!

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