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iPhone Tweaks

One of the few things you can rely on is that Apple will launch a new iPhone every year, which is a brand new and improved model for the one you just purchased. By the time a new one revolves, they have already classified the old as old and not disturbed. So, contrary to popular belief, they don’t put iOS 10 update on iPhone 5s to improve it. The term “planned obsolescence” is the term that many people use to describe Apple’s decision to send problematic updates to all previous models in order to cause battery issues, not to open applications, connectivity, and other issues. These updates will make your phone slower, and with sufficient update in an older model, outdated.

There is no reason why you should not get four to five years from an iPhone before upgrading to another device. They are well made, and premium quality phones are made to last. However, these updates can reduce life by two or three years. Therefore, anyone with a phone running under the iPhone 7 should only ignore these claims; ideally, they should remain on iOS 8 or 9 for the iPhone 5 and 6 series. The software that comes with your phone actually works just fine.

Also remember that once you update, you cannot reverse it. There are many ways that Apple will try to force you to update. One of these methods is that sometimes your phone will ask for the passcode but it will write in small font that doing so will update the phone automatically in the early morning. Below, the smallest button to disable this automatic update is the only way to prevent it. Another hard-to-avoid method, is that developers will update popular apps like Facebook and Snapchat to be compatible with the latest iOS operating system, which creates a discrepancy between your OS and app system. To continue using it, you’ll likely need to update your system. Wait as long as you can, then stop using the app, or update, but be aware of your selection.

The bottom line is that if you update an older model, you can basically convert it to heavy weight. The battery and charging port can be maintained, as with other things, but repair shops can only do much with an updated phone because often, the phone will shorten new batteries or chargers. Be aware of what you are doing with your phone and also beware the impact of buying a new phone barely changing every year.

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