iPhone set-up & customization for 2022 / What’s on my iPhone 13 Pro Max *iOS 15*

New year, new iPhone customization! This is my newly customized iPhone set-up for 2022. I’m going to be sharing with you what’s on my iPhone 13 Pro Max, how I’ve customized my iPhone using iOS 15, my automatic changing wallpaper to take my phone from day to night, the most functional shortcuts to make life easier, vision board homescreen, customized today view, widgets and so much more.

? Watch next:
Automatic changing wallpaper:
How to remove shortcut…


  1. How do you set up the time for your wallpaper to turn from light to dark and dark to light at the specific times of the day? As someone who gets anxiety from time to time I can say you definitely are not alone in what you worry about. Is Lastpass something that works like the notes app on your iPhone? Thanks for this upload! ?

  2. – I had no idea you can set your home and lock screen to change from light to dark mode. Such a great tip, thank you for sharing. I also enjoyed your customization and setup, and I would love to see other videos of your customization on your other Apple products as well. #NewSubscriber ✨✨

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