iPhone Features You're Actually Using WRONG !

15 iPhone features you’ve used wrong. iPhone has amazing features some of them are hidden and some of them maybe you have used the wrong way.

In this video you can learn about 15 iPhone features and tips & tricks on how to use them the right way on your device.


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  1. Me at the Apple store: “can u help?.. my phone screen is cracked”

    Apple: “did u try restarting your device?”

    restarts phone

    Me: “k thanks, it’s fixed now” ?

  2. Closing apps in the app switcher is definitely helpful. Keeping multiple apps open uses valuable memory. Apple is lying when they tell you iOS will manage them. It's a myth.
    Having 5 or so apps open is no big deal. But closing apps speeds up highly demanding tasks.

  3. According to Payett Forward…apps are not perfect nor the iphone is perfect…so if the apps are kept running in the background they might crash and cause battery drain…so it's good to close the apps after you are done using them.

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