iPhone 14 vs 14 Pro – The 10 MAJOR Differences!

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iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro – Which one to get? The 10 Major Differences compared!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed yesterday's livestream that we did! Was so much fun to make and to interact with you guys! Now onto the regular content. Buckle-up! We have loads of exciting videos in the works!

  2. Lmfao this is just Apple hustling people and y’all really out here buying this bullshittttt so if you care for a camera go get an actual camera lol y’all realize he ain’t saying nothing my iPhone 12 Pro Max works just fine

  3. I never understood how Apple decides the number of megapixel on iPhone camera, we will never know the difference. The new iPhone 14 pro has definitely got great camera vs the others but naming it 48 megapixels or naming it for instance 28 megapixels would not matter. I believe Apple should not have jumped to such a large number. They could have done to 20 megapixels because when the next iPhone comes in future, is Apple going to announce it 98 megapixels, wouldn’t it sound so big

  4. What is going on with Apple I think I might start looking for another phone company, apple is getting to greedy and less making the better iPhone. they tell more lies about the camera and less about invasion.

  5. I’m still on my 6s and thinking to upgrade… the more I watch video reviews, the more I’m confused which one to choose… it will be a great leap regardless… I feel like a 14 pro would be an overkill but I’m afraid I’d regret getting just a 13 (considering there’s barely any change between 13 to 14)

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