iPhone 14: Releasing EARLY

How iPhone 14 Leaks
Why Apple is ending the iPhone
iPhone 14 is stealing everything
Is the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro coming sooner than expected? Most years, the new iPhone is announced and released in the fall, but things might change in 2022. Let me explain!

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  1. Releasing early is cool, it breaks up the typical release pattern, which could be energizing for the brand. In regards to dealing with the leaks, well that’s just part of the business, deal with it.

  2. I wish we could all be content with the latest iPhone! The 13! I love it and just got it today, I am Thankful and Satisfied with it! I wish Apple would stop making new phones every year how about every..3-4 years?! That makes more sense and would do the world better in my opinion 🙂

  3. Literally just got the 13 today!!! I love it!!! Why can’t Apple just stop making new phones each year?! I’m satisfied and I love my 13!!! I just want my 13!!!!!!! And not have to feel like I have to keep upgrading it 🙁 !!!?

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