iPhone 14 Release Date and Price – FIRST Portless PHONE!

The New iPhone 14 might be the FIRST EVER PORTLESS PHONE! I want to share the latest on a report about this and also want to share the latest on the iPhone 14 Release Date and Price and a summary of everything we know so far!

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  1. I think a portless phone would be great if they can make it charge fast enough. But, transferring of files like videos might need a faster method. BTW, I would love an iPhone 13! I gave my iPhone 7+ to my daughter. Still miss it, even though my One Plus 7T isn't bad, doesnt have the apple messaging system.

  2. I have been thinking of buying Ipad Air 4 to do notes and access to all of my school files in a portable and convenient device rather than bringing my a brick like gaming laptop which weighs total of 4kg with the charger. Before I advance into university in late 2022, I will wait for the IPad Air 5 together with the apple education to get my free airpods. This will be worth the huge sum of money i am gonna be spending as a student, hopefully I can also get a scholarship to get the school to cover my expenses.

    Matt really give out useful information and influence me into waiting for the 5th gen. Also Good luck to everyone that is participating. LETS GO TO 300K.

  3. I CANNOT WAIT for the iPhone 14. The only thing that I would like for the new iPhone is that if it is port less that is has better battery life and some type of fast charging option.

  4. In green wao it is surprising with white and gold they are very surprising and sharp colors very visible eh chosen in a few people good choice iphone thank you very much for that you already convince me to switch to the iPhone 14

  5. I would want to buy iPad in near future for my graphics design classes. And this iPhone will add to the hardware requirement for my project so I look forward to get it soon through giveaway.,,,,,,,

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