iPhone 14 PRO Unboxing | Time to Switch?

iPhone 14 series – Humixx Case Lineup:
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iPhone 14 case (Clear):
iPhone 14 Pro case (Clear):
iPhone 14 Pro Max case (Clear):…


  1. Great video! Definitely not interested in this thing, omg the island is a horrible gimmick, and the other improvements are so minimal. Not worth it at all.

  2. Thanks Ella…. great review as always! Love it. But I see the same as other reviews. An Android user who has not 'exploited' all features and, in this case, believes that's available as default in Android… it is. But rather it is not. Ex. Lock screen and Always On Display > I have quite a few features enabled on the lock screen which brings multiple ways of using the screen, for notifications review/dismissal, widget interactions and customizing the background (See Good Lock features). The other piece is the camera -> Most Android users open the camera and take a pic… but forget to swipe left to the other features or even enable other button features. In PRO mode, I can adjust the exposure to levels not match by the iPhone 14, as well as motion features to compare to. There are certain things that the users do not pay attention, which you mentioned one -> last megapixel upgrade was in 2015 <-, but how about the cable connection…. last time that connection was changed is 2012, and it is now slow for connection, sharing, storage, and out of compliance at this point in technology era. Reviewers forget to mention that most high end Samsung devices can eliminate the need of a PC/computer by using Samsung DEX, attach wirelessly or not a keyboard, mouse, monitor, storage, etc. and that's what this era is asking for, not just another 'heavy brick phone'. Another one is feature like SOS calling or messaging… Android has it for years, yet not so advertised like iPhone does to make it look that the discover 'powder water'… and users don't even bother to enable it. Anyway… I love your videos and I don't think they are BIAS, like other YouTubers out there… however, you forgot the point of your title…. DID YOU FINALLY SWITCHED???

  3. I've been very unimpressed with Apple lately. They need more innovation because the small changes aren't worth me upgrading to a more expensive phone. Just bored with their design at this point.

  4. AOD does display notification if you set it up. Also on the Note 10+ there is a light that circles the camera to let you know you have a notification which is cool.

  5. This is so cool :). I like your breakdown. I felt like this is how I would use the phone if I were to get it and you made me want to consider the phone more not just for the dynamic island but for the new iOS features too. A lot to think about 🙂

  6. Its been so long since I last watched your videos and I see a great difference
    Camera quality is better amazing visuals and just overall nice video
    Love to see your channel growing, you deserve it🥰

  7. Nope. Why should one always be chasing the latest and greatest gadget? I have a Canon camera for my photographs. NB photographs not snapshots. The tech giants love this. If everyone kept their gadgets for a year how many companies would go to the wall? We are being pressured via media to always upgrade. I have a 4 year old Huawei and it does everything I need for my work and my personal needs. BTW I have been an IT professional for almost 5 decades and it has always been like this…. we are suckers for wasting out hard earned cash.

  8. Really liking this phone, although I must say. Those black bezels are still massive compared to samsung and other androids. Makes the screen look and feel smaller

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