iPhone 14 Pro Release Date and Price – The Upgrade we FINALLY NEED!!

The New iPhone 14 might be the FIRST EVER PORTLESS PHONE! I want to share the latest on a report about this and also want to share the latest on the iPhone 14 Release Date and Price and a summary of everything we know so far!

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  1. I always believe that the wait of upgrading my phone from Iphone 7 plus to the latest model will be over soon. Hehe, I want to experience the new features of it and how smooth it is. It would be the best gift ever to myself If I won an apple Iphone 14 in your channel. Love love❤️❤️❤️ God bless

  2. Got the 12Pro and im happy with it especially coming from a 6S. Keeping mine until 20Pro ? . I can’t upgrade every year Apple come up with a new version ?

  3. Im buying an iPad Pro & AirPods for my friends birthday. I’m hoping to see a major change in the phone something that no other tech phone company has, I hope the 14 will be groundbreaking

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