iPhone 14 Pro: Proof that USB-C is FINALLY Coming! ✅

I’m willing to bet that BY THE END of this well-researched 13-minute-long video, you’ll be CONVINCED that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 Pro will come with USB-C! Let me explain..
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  1. After watching the FULL 13-minute video, were you convinced that the iPhone 14 Pro will get USB-C? Comment below!
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  2. Apple is supposed to be so advanced and so cutting edge that for them to keep using outdated tech is not only dumb but makes them look even dumber. Just so that they can make an extra few bucks? They need to just get over it

  3. This is major step back from the mechanical point of view. USB-C connectors tends to clunk, lightning are more stiff. All my previous phones (since 1999) I needed to change because of bad connector (they weren't able to charge and so on). Lightning is the only one which wasn't damaged. USB-C had become broken after a year or so (a cable popped off the connector by itself, e.g. in the car during driving).

  4. It make no different from Android phone now with the type C on iPhone, because is like another Android phone, lightning cable is what iPhone different ?

  5. The first notch came out in 2017, and they made it smaller now in 2021. Apple will not make iphone 14 until 2023! This year is a s year just wait and see, the pill cut out is not droping this year but will be on iphone 14 but this year it will be a iPhone 13S. So no usb c until 2023

  6. Considering that you can buy an android phone with usb-c, a charger, a cable and a case for less then 100€… 100€ for a usb-c port that is going to be mandatory in the EU soon… seems excessive.

  7. The current iPhone has more issues than just the port. The shape, the weight of the iPhone and the price. The iPhone is so heave now that I couldn’t use it because it’s to heavy to carry. I now have a slim Note 10 plus that’s light compared to the iPhone. Apple has a lot more to do to get me back. They need to get back to slim, lighter devices. A better shape

  8. This guy is so wrong. People love the iPhone not the notch. Samsung used the pill shape on the S10 Plus and after 1 model year ditched that idea for the now very popular hole punch in the middle of the top screen. People are use to the notch ask most iPhone users and they will tell you they wish it was smaller or gone. The pill shape is better but it’s best just to use the hole punch.

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