iPhone 14 Pro Max – Long Term Review – Worth The Upgrade?

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have some nice upgrades, but is it worth it? In this video I help you decide if the Dynamic Island, Camera, Battery Life and Display of iPhone 14 Pro Max are worth updating for.

This video was recorded with the Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max and Space Black k iPhone 14 Pro Max to show you what the camera upgrade on iPhone 14 Pro is like.

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  1. The ‘dynamic island’ is the reason I didn’t upgrade my iPhone. I normally update every year. Until they get rid of the dynamic island I won’t buy another iPhone. I believe the island is a lazy/copout move by Apple to suck the life out of this form factor of the iPhone. Hopefully the iPhone 15 will see a major change of the design overall. The brick/shaver look is just so dated. Come on Apple, get rid of the kindergarten design team and make a classier looking phone!

  2. All I want is a “mini” with the display from the 14 “pro” (for the brightness, not the high refresh rate) and the less tumor-like camera from the SE. Not much more I could ever ask for beyond that, except maybe the triumphant return of iOS 6.

  3. I Can’t Get One Because Apple Totally Fucked Up My Order On Another I Phone And They Haven’t Sent Me My Trade In Back Yet So I Can Get The I Phone 14 Pro Max It’s Been 2 Weekss After 14 Years Years Going Back To Android Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra A Much Better Phone Way More Features
    You Need To Step Up Apple

  4. I just upgraded from my 11 pro max 512 to a 14 pm1tb.
    I agree dynamic island .. don’t notice it so far haven’t even used it once.
    Extra brightness is slightly noticeable.
    Battery life spot on.. so far notice no difference. Battery is 84% on my 11pm and it last a bit longer.
    Cameras I don’t see much difference in quality zooming in under bright lighting. Have not tried to edit raw yet. Under medium to low lighting however.. MASSIVE difference in low light capability. I took a few pics last nights in very low light and the shutter was a full 3s on the 11 to less than 1 on the 14
    Speed wise I see virtually no difference.
    Screen promotion/120hz is noticeable . I did install the one game I play and I love it 👌
    Mostly I needed the storage. And the cinematic mode is what I wanted to tinker with.
    Totally worth it for me !

  5. 7:53
    Yes because
    1. There was a 3 year difference between the 10 and 12 pro campared to a 2 year difference from the 12 pro and 14 pro
    2. The chip in the iphone 11 was a huge upgrade from the x or xs

  6. As a person who upgraded from an 11 to 14 pro max I love it. But honestly I think the phone is for people who like advanced tech. If you really don’t care about having the best phone honestly don’t need to upgrade keep what you have if it still works fine

  7. My apple watch ultra will unlock my iphone 14 pm when it's not worn but when I'm unlocking my phone. It's weird and seems like a security flaw. The watch is supposed to know you're wearing and it's not. Also, Iphone keeps asking "Do you want to trust this computer" on the same computer. I don't understand why it can't remember the computer you use it on.

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