iPhone 14 Pro MAJOR Camera Upgrades, Galaxy S22 Ultra Price LEAKED & more!

On Pocketnow Daily, the OnePlus 10 Pro is now official but we still have some questions. New leaks claim that we won’t be getting every feature we thought with the Apple Watch Series 8. We have some leaked price tags for the Galaxy S22 Series. Finally, Apple might finally give us larger MPs with the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera.

All this and more after the break.

0:00 – Intro
0:42 – OnePlus 10 Pro is official
OnePlus 10 Pro official with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, LTPO display and 80W…


  1. Do some research..Nikon's top of the line Prosumer camera 850 has 45.7 million pixels; the PROFESSIONAL top of the line D6 has 20.8 million pixels. Does this tell you something about pixels? Pixels are only as good as their size, pixels are only as good as the glass allowing the light/subject into the pixels to be used. For 99 percent of the phones made you don't need high amount of pixels you need better sensors, larger lenses for more light, etc. Now if you are going to blow the photo up to 18×12, sure you need a lot of pixels, but how many people actually get anything larger than 4×6?
    Want large photos as an end result get a good DSLR and some VERY GOOD lenses and go for it.

  2. One thing about apple they wait even if the tech is there and when they do adopt new tech they most definitely do it right, so 48 mp we may just be blown away by 

  3. Everybody knows why Apple is upgrading the camera it’s because they need 8k that’s the only reason are they going to double the price amazing camera blah blah blah looks like apple just take a chill pill ? I think Apple is crazy they never listen to the customers if we had to choose Face ID or fingerprints all of us for choose fingerprints we don’t need Face ID at times like this how can you scan your face specially if you’re in the shop acting like the technology doesn’t exist and they have to become even more superior from Samson fingerprint scanner do you have to put in in the end of the day it doesn’t matter just use the same fingerprint scanner from Samsung you don’t have to put technology number one in the world fingerprint scanner just put The same as Samsung ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and that’s it but knowing Apple my apologies for this word but Apple is a dick

  4. You can’t have 8k recording without 48mp sensor which is what I believe Apple plans to offer. Also, it’s possible that Apple may use a 48mp sensor with more detail but the output be still 12mp pictures.

  5. I would love to upgrade to the IPhone 14 Pro (assuming no Android phones will impress me) so the new camera hardware is kind of exciting. Just have to wait later this year.

  6. Apple is very smart. The company kept the same pixels on the iPhone cameras for many years and still improving the quality of pictures and videos beating others constructors with more pixels on their camera phone now Apple will increase the pixels with real benefits.

    Can’t wait to see the results.

  7. OnePlus copies Apple in every way with Apple's last years trends. Such as taking photos and videos in Morocco lol. Apple did that back in 2017 with the iPhone X 10 whatever. Is it just me or have smartphones reached their peak and people are just addicted to the latest shit that barley improves?

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