iPhone 14 Pro Issues, iOS 16.1 Beta 2 & iPhone 15 Already?

iOS 16.1 Beta 2 is coming soon and AirPods Pro 2 and Apple Watch Ultra is out this week. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have some issues and the October Apple Event is coming in a few weeks with new iPads, Macs and more. There are already mentions of changes to next years iPhone 15, and Developers are having fun with iOS 16 and the Dynamic Island. #applenews #apple #iOS16

This is the Weekly Apple News update going over the latest in Apple News, Leaks Rumors, Discounts and more.



  1. There is an issue with my iPhone 14pro max wallpaper. When I’m trying to change the wallpaper it is automatically getting blur I don’t know if someone else facing with same issues?

  2. First time commenting on one of your videos. I just want to see if anyone else is experiencing this bug I found so when I have a timer going and lock my phone with always on display enabled it shows the minutes but just shows dashes for the second …. The same thing happens in voice memo as well .

  3. I had to restore my backup of iOS 16 because the beta 1 public release really screwed up my gps and I mainly use my phone for Pokémon go which needs reliable GPS. Apple Maps had issues also on the 14 pro max btw.

  4. This is the first year since the 7+ that I haven't done an annual upgrade and I won't be until we see USB C (like on my iPad and MacBook, Smdh) and a periscope zoom on the 15 Pro Max.

  5. Sir I want your help since you are the best. After updating to IOS 16 my battery gets drained out very fast. Is it for everyone or will be there changes. May sound haeptics is not working Thank you

  6. Hii Aaron I have 2 issues with my Apple Watch Series 7 after updating to watch OS 9.0
    1. In my Apple Watch compass application i’m not getting haptic feedback while rotating the directions and also in Modular Compact watch face
    2. I didn’t get a call icon on Apple Watch at the top side while I’m in call on iPhone and I’m unable to transfer call from iPhone to Apple Watch

  7. Me preorder AirPods Pro 2nd gen same day and Amazon say arriving Sep 28. Copy paste super super annoying! I need use my AAC app for type and every time I need copy and paste it give me pop up.

  8. Here’s an iOS 16.1 bug that has been tested by me, there’s a bug where you can’t scroll through your folders I’ve tested both on my old iPhone 12 mini and my new iPhone 14 Pro the only way to scroll through your folders is with the folder dots at the bottom

  9. Good day I need help for my new iPhone 14 pro.

    Last Line No Longer Available
    Do you want to call using your remaining line?

    How do you stop this from happening?

    I’ve cleared my call list & turned on/off airplane mode.

  10. Good Aron, the delivery of iPhone 14 pro Max is extended until 27 October. In the 16.1 this solved the problem of battery and the iPhone heating up to ordinary tasks? this on a 12 pro Max that gets too hot and the battery won't last

  11. Thank you for your time posting another informative video . 😍. I don't change my phone batteries I just buy a new phone, lets hope my 13 Pro lasts a while longer .. I do like the island .. but that's all really .. not enough to upgrade though .. ☺

  12. I’m thinking of getting an iPhone 14 pro. Can you explain about the SIM cards because I travel to Mexico and use my phone there. I buy a SIM card while I’m there for the winter. Is it possible to do this with iPhone 14 pro??

  13. I think I’m sticking with my 13 Pro Max. It’s been a tough year financially for us and the 13 Pro Max still seems to have great cameras and processor. The Dynamic Island looks super cool though.

  14. I just received my 14 pro. I typically will hang onto the phone for 4 years. Only time I've upgraded sooner was for a damaged phone. In this case, I upgraded from the XR because I really wanted the 5G. As far as items like the Ipads or laptops, I hang onto them till they no longer are capable of running the apps I use or it is no longer being supported by Apple.

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