iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max Gaming: PUBG TEST!

Spigen Cryo Armor + Screen Protector + Power:
The iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max have the new A16 Bionic chip with fast performance, in this video, we give you the first look at Gaming on the new iPhones. Seeing how well the perform and handle
iPhone 14 Pro Max:
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iPhone 14 Pro Collection:
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  1. Why go through the process of filming, editing, trying out both the backbone and kishi and yet just continue to flip the whole thing around? Obviously you made it because people are concerned with if the lens touched the plastic, just show it and stop flipping it around just show it!!!

  2. You know what..before we haven't really mind about the appearance of the notch when gaming or doing anything in landscape viewing..now when in landscape..the pill notch were somewhat ugly..seeing your left hand finger near the pill notch activating my PTSD..

  3. How does the protector look? I bought different brands and the only one that does look transparent and there is no change on the screen resolution and everything is the ones from ZAGG. I want to try another brand. I’ll appreciate your honest response.

  4. I was playing FR Legends on it and noticed that the game sometimes went from 60 to 55 or lower. There were like little lag spikes on it. All the other games I played worked perfectly fine though so I’m sure it’s something that has to do with the game 😅
    Edit: I only say this because I was playing FR Legends on a Galaxy Note 10 the week before and it stayed at a constant 60 FPS

  5. with the Lenovo Legion Y90 5G , Poco F4 GT 5G, Poco X3 Pro , black shark 5,5rs,pro,and Asus arog 6,pro redmagic 7,7pro you better not be using an iphone for gaming lol .

  6. Filming and uploading your videos at 30fps doesn't do justice to this review at all… Pretty dumb for you to expect us to see any "smoothness" when you literally uploaded this video at 30fps when other reviewers such as Nick Ackerman, Golden reviewer and C4ETECH are all filming and uploading their YouTube videos at 60fps.. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. why can't you show temp normally?🙄 why tf 100-112? do you think its fine saying temp like that about a smartphone or any other technology? show temp properly or never do it🙌 who tf would state smartphone temp in different from normal celsius

  8. Yessir, bought spigen liquid armor case last year for 13 pro and its still in the same condition nearly a year later. Ordered one for my 14 pro a couple days ago. No other case has provided that type of durability

  9. Re: your comment on apex legends around the solid 60fps, my s21 ultra struggles to do this, but my flip 4 (absolutely not a gaming phone) does this steadily on extremeHD settings – you should try it.

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