iPhone 14: Big Changes Revealed

2022 Leaks: Apple ENDS the iPhone
iPhone 14 is stealing everything
Apple has a lot of exciting tech and announcements in the queue for 2022, but at the top of the list are the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Unlike the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, we’re getting a design overhaul with the 2022 iPhone and many other goodies. Let’s break down the next iPhone and why it will be huge for Apple in 2022.

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  1. It’s silly to think that apple will have a complete notch free or hole punch free phone before Android phones get it. Wait till it’s done well on Android and Apple will master it in a short time after.

  2. I’ll be passing on the 14 and 15. It’s too soon to tell, but I may upgrade again as early as the 16, but possibly wait for the 17 release. The SOLE thing they could do to get me on an earlier upgrade path, which is probably insignificant to most, would be the Pro Max design in the max storage capacity offer a Product(Red) option. Yeah, something as simple as a unique colour on their high end phone, where the proceeds, in part, support that cause I would probably get one. (I’d still disable Siri, though. ?)

  3. I have an iPhone 12 Pro at the moment and 100% plan to upgrade to the iPhone 14/14 Pro and a big feature I am after is having two eSIM and no physical SIM as I have lost physical SIMs in the past when moving the SIM to a new phone

  4. You're a totally wrong. Apple will retain the camera bump because without it is impossible because of the mechanism of the lenses. The only way to remove the camera bump is to make the Iphone thicker. Secondly, Iphone has to have 2 front sensors next to the front camera. Iphone 2014 will have bigger lenses and bigger sensor. Iphone is not considering 8k

  5. I need a separate phone so will split functions between 2 devices. No phone or email on my home device and only phone, messages and email on my walk around device. No need to spend vast sums of money.
    I already have two great cameras so don’t need a camera. It is so great browsing my handheld at home with no interruptions from people contacting me.

  6. They need to follow the Tesla piphone. They need to be able to mine crypto and need to allow for solar charging. I think I’ll be moving away from iPhone after using since the day it ever came out.

  7. I’m going to upgrade when they actually do something as not just updating cameras something big like folding 11 12 13 are all to similar and no big feature like Siri, Touch ID Face ID or nfc. Nothing new and big like those features came to the phones hopefully apple will come out with phone that massive change how we use them like the flip phone style like old phones or/and the fold style opening the phone from its side revealing a bigger screen those a features we want not like shit like picture text to text which should work on iPhone X just fine. We want big changes like Nintendo from console to console not something we are already used to.

  8. Few things about iPhone
    1. Basic changes compared to S21 and beyond
    2. Expensive. Many will stay in debt subsidizing
    3. No innovation. Current tech in use already
    4. iPhone 11 was REVOLUTIONARY LOL??
    5. iPhone 12 was REVOLUTIONARY LOL ??

    Yeah, keep your sheep ware, it's not suited for buisness minded individuals. Period



  9. Apple will never get rid of the lightning charge port. They have too many license agreements with third party vendors for accessories. Also, and this is the big thing, getting rid of the charge port will kill wired CarPlay.
    At this point, there isn't much apple could add that would make me upgrade. The 12 pro max I have checks all my boxes. Having a phone that's disaster proof by connecting to satellites would be enough to push me to a new phone. Otherwise, I'll probably hang onto this one for several more years.

  10. the 13 is excellent only way id upgrade to 14 is that additional info display on back n the 48MP is a must. Doubt we'll see notchless until the 15 so ill wait on that or the fold.

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